How to Style Fall's #1 Trend 7 Ways

Fall 2018 is filled with a handful of trends that are incredibly wearable, and while we don't like to play favorites, there is one trend sweeping the nation we have taken a particular liking to, and lucky for us, so have three of fashion's most talked-about influencers. The trend is Americana, and ready or not, it's here to take over your fall wardrobe—that is, if it hasn't already. The Americana vibe that designers from Isabel Marant to Calvin Klein to Gucci honed in on for their F/W 18 collections is one filled with distinct nostalgia of our country's history, including all things reminiscent of the Western front and days on the prairie… but different. Is this fashion's way of reclaiming the America they wish we were living in as opposed to the unagreeable state the country currently resides in? We would assume so. This historical ode was transformed on the 2018 fall runway into modernized cowboy boots, vintage-inspired dresses, and folksy detailing on everything from button-down shirts to tailored trousers.

In an effort to show you how surprisingly versatile this fall trend is, we recruited three of fashion's buzziest influencers to experiment with the season's most talked-about iterations of the style—Molly and Reese Blutstein and Courtney Trop. If the past year has taught us anything, it's that the trio is inseparable, yes, but it also runs on the same fashion wavelength. While each has her own unique style persona, overall, the three are consistently creating cohesive content inspiring their followers all over the world. Stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie took note of this sartorial clique, and let that inspire the shoot you see here.

"I wanted to do a Western and folk fashion story with these three influencers because I see them as pioneers of the digital frontier and trailblazers of new media (plus a little wink and a nod to their cult followings)," Sainte-Marie said, and that's exactly what she did.

Ahead, we are thrilled to present fall's biggest trend styled seven ways, modeled by Reese, Molly, and Courtney. As Sainte-Marie touches on below, these looks air on the more editorial side, but thanks to her more practical style tips accompanying each look, you will walk away from this transportive shoot with inspiration for days on how to incorporate the Americana trend into your everyday fall wardrobe.

Photographer: Emman Montalvan | Stylist: Sissy Sainte-Marie Chacon | Photo Assistant: Mark Underwood | Production: Hillary Comstock | Hair: Whitney Thomas Schield | Makeup: Holly Silius @ Lowe + Co using Shiseido Makeup