How to Style Fall's #1 Trend 7 Ways

Fall 2018 is filled with a handful of trends that are incredibly wearable, and while we don't like to play favorites, there is one trend sweeping the nation we have taken a particular liking to, and lucky for us, so have three of fashion's most talked-about influencers. The trend is Americana, and ready or not, it's here to take over your fall wardrobe—that is, if it hasn't already. The Americana vibe that designers from Isabel Marant to Calvin Klein to Gucci honed in on for their F/W 18 collections is one filled with distinct nostalgia of our country's history, including all things reminiscent of the Western front and days on the prairie… but different. Is this fashion's way of reclaiming the America they wish we were living in as opposed to the unagreeable state the country currently resides in? We would assume so. This historical ode was transformed on the 2018 fall runway into modernized cowboy boots, vintage-inspired dresses, and folksy detailing on everything from button-down shirts to tailored trousers.

In an effort to show you how surprisingly versatile this fall trend is, we recruited three of fashion's buzziest influencers to experiment with the season's most talked-about iterations of the style—Molly and Reese Blutstein and Courtney Trop. If the past year has taught us anything, it's that the trio is inseparable, yes, but it also runs on the same fashion wavelength. While each has her own unique style persona, overall, the three are consistently creating cohesive content inspiring their followers all over the world. Stylist Sissy Sainte-Marie took note of this sartorial clique, and let that inspire the shoot you see here.

"I wanted to do a Western and folk fashion story with these three influencers because I see them as pioneers of the digital frontier and trailblazers of new media (plus a little wink and a nod to their cult followings)," Sainte-Marie said, and that's exactly what she did.

Ahead, we are thrilled to present fall's biggest trend styled seven ways, modeled by Reese, Molly, and Courtney. As Sainte-Marie touches on below, these looks air on the more editorial side, but thanks to her more practical style tips accompanying each look, you will walk away from this transportive shoot with inspiration for days on how to incorporate the Americana trend into your everyday fall wardrobe.


Emman Montalvan; On Courtney Trop: Chloé vest, pants, and shoes; Shaina Mote x Clyde hat; On Reese Blutstein: Chloé shirt, turtleneck, pants, and shoes; Janessa Leoné Lenny Hat ($216); On Molly Blutstein: Chloé dress, socks, and shoes; Janessa Leone Stewart Hat ($228)

"I approached this editorial playfully so the styling is fantastical. Full runway looks may be a bit over-the-top for real life. Western and folk can get costumey fast, so you must be sure to mix it up and use your personal style as a framework," said Sainte-Marie.

Just as you would with any full runway look, you typically need to take it with a grain of salt. Dissect the individual pieces or even the aesthetic you are most drawn to and brainstorm ways in which that can fit into your own wardrobe. As far as the Western trend goes, opt for a cowboy boot to offset a floral midi dress, a fringe shirt with classic tailored trousers, or a Western belt as a way to spice up your go-to T-shirt-and-jeans look.


Emman Montalvan; On Molly and Reese Blutstein: Batsheva dresses; On Courtney Trop: Batsheva dress and Dior sunglasses

Full prairie dress looks with full ruffle collars and vintage-inspired prints? Not the easiest thing to pull off, but thanks to Sainte-Marie's practical tip, we have a pretty sturdy jumping-off point: "Opposites attract' is always a good rule of thumb when it comes to incorporating runway trends into your real-life wardrobe. For example, when I wear a Batsheva dress, I pair it with PVC pumps and sporty sunglasses. I love mixing a modern man-made material with a hyper-feminine dress off the prairie," she said.


Emman Montalvan;  On Courtney Trop, Reese Blutstein, and Molly Blutstein: Proenza Schouler dresses

"Keep in mind that this time around, the Western trend is less grit, more glamour, and the prairie folk vibes are more subversive than sentimental. Some styling tips to try when mixing this trend into your real life: bike shorts + a prairie blouse; cowboy boots + pleated skirt; Western belt over a blazer; a folksy dress + sporty, Oakley-esque sunglasses. The juxtapositions are endless," says Sissy, once again proving that the "opposites attract" styling mentality is a must with more novelty trends such as this.


Emman Montalvan; On Molly Blutstein: (from left to right) Carleen coat, Carleen jeans, and Calvin Klein boots; Isabel Marant Usi Top ($460) and skirt; On Reese Blutstein: Carleen coat, The Palatines boots; Isabel Marant Lydie Mid-Length Dress ($1780); On Courtney Trop: Carleen coat, Dior pants, Calvin Klein boots; Isabel Marant dress

"Patchwork and embroidery, traditionally considered a domestic pastime for housewives, is recontextualized in 2018 amid a new wave of young female entrepreneurship," Sissy explains, and if there's anyone carving the path and recontextualizing what it means to be a digital influencer in this industry right now, it's these three women. Cult followers of Reese, Molly, and Courtney know that the way they are tackling the now oversaturated world of digital influencers somehow still feels innovative and fresh in a time when everything is starting to look the same.


Emman Montalvan; On Molly Blutstien, Reese Blutstein, and Courtney Trop: Gucci everything

Touched on a bit earlier, nostalgia and history play huge roles in this particular trend, and Sissy Sainte-Marie filled us in on how this specific look hit home. "For me," she said, "this shoot felt like playing dress-up with family heirlooms from my grandmother's cedar chest and my grandfather's closet. I'll cherish that day for as long as I live."


Emman Montalvan; On Molly Blutstien, Reese Blutstein, and Courtney Trop: Gucci everything

Photographer: Emman Montalvan | Stylist: Sissy Sainte-Marie Chacon | Photo Assistant: Mark Underwood | Production: Hillary Comstock | Hair: Whitney Thomas Schield | Makeup: Holly Silius @ Lowe + Co using Shiseido Makeup