This Is the Most Significant Outfit of Inauguration Day

Hillary Clinton probably didn't expect 2017’s Inauguration Day to turn out exactly as it did, but the Democratic candidate for president did arrive with a message for all. That is, if you were paying attention to what she wore.

Dressed in a white Ralph Lauren pantsuit, Secretary Clinton stayed true to the signature style she's displayed throughout her years in the public eye—in the White House, in office, on the campaign trail, and post-election, in which she’s found solidarity in her Pantsuit Nation supporters, among others. And while her color choice, white, also carries significance as the shade associated with the women’s suffrage movement, it's also the color most commonly tied to peace (think white flags, white doves, etc.). 

One can't assume that peace easily follows a very stressful and divisive presidential campaign, but the symbolism in the former first lady's fashion choice does not go overlooked. It's harmonious, it's powerful, it stays true to the values (and aesthetic) she's consistently upheld, and, ultimately, it can be seen ideally by all as a figurative unifier in this next stage of America's history.

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Clinton's choice of clothing has often carried weigh and meaning. Take a look at what she wore for her concession speech last year as another example.