The Surprising Outfit Every French Girl Has in Her Closet

Sure, it might not be news that French girls love striped boater tops and trench coats. They’ve got that easy, uncomplicated style down and know how to invest in cool basics. But there’s one thing we’ve been surprised to see them wearing. It’s hardly an essential but it seems that without fail, all the stylish French girls we love have an affinity for jumpsuits.

But when we break it down, it makes sense. The jumpsuit, like a dress, is pretty low-maintenance. Throw one on with a cool pair of espadrille wedges and a basket bag, and your look is done. This works into the French laissez-faire attitude that makes everything they wear look effortless but also endlessly stylish.

And when we look at the types of jumpsuits they’re choosing, they have a few things in common. First, they stick to neutral colors and understated prints. Anything in the family of black, navy, burgundy, or a subtle floral print makes the cut. Next, the fit is key. None of the styles they’re wearing are form-fitting. Instead, the jumpsuits tend to have straight legs, some sort of sleeve, and buttons down the front. And lastly, their styling choices are important. The trick is to keep it simple—a day-to-night bag and comfortable (but stylish) shoes are the only things needed to complete the look.

Keep reading to see how stylish French girls like Jeanne Damas and Sabina Socol are wearing their jumpsuits, and then shop our favorites.