The Secret to a Stylish Wardrobe Lies in These Chic Pieces

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Rochelle Johnson is a lot of things: mom, fashion girl, lover of bold colors. We all have a thing or two to learn from the fashion influencer who has one of the most enviable wardrobes I’ve ever seen. Founder of Beauti Curve, Johnson is someone I’ve been longing to get in touch with to talk about her style, so when the opportunity presented itself, I was excited we’d get to work together to do just that. I encourage you to look at her feed—so much color, right? It’s like an instant injection of joy. For those of you who have followed my stories, you know I’m someone who tends to seriously shy away from adding any color to my wardrobe. All of that is slowly changing after chatting with Johnson and Insta-stalking her account.

"It’s so fun to wear color,” she told me. "I notice that when I do, I get a lot of smiles. I would encourage people to think about that yellow dress they almost purchased online or that floral top your friend slayed at brunch and know they can put it on and pull it off, too. Life’s short—wear it.” Sage advice from someone who rocks almost every color of the rainbow. This, to me, makes her the perfect candidate for summer dressing tips. She showed me her top three outfits for this season—see them here.


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"This Good American utility jumpsuit is the one-piece of my dreams. I love the weight of it, and it has just the right amount of give,” Rochelle mentioned as we discussed her first look. What I personally love about this outfit is that it’s a true classic with a nod to summer trends. I asked Johnson how she feels about adding seasonal trends to her outfits, and what she told me needs to be bookmarked. "As someone who has a hard time letting go of clothing I love, I have a lot of clothes. So I have some classic pieces that are always in rotation, like this jumpsuit, and, of course, tons of color. But I also love to add trendy items and accessories to what I wear every week, like this gold jewelry and pop of bold color.”


(Image credit: Rochelle Johnson)

"If you’re looking for a dress, a flowy silhouette like this one is perfect for this summer. I love the sweet color and the fact that it's a super lightweight cotton. Us Southerners know that summers in the South hit totally different and breathable fabrics are a must. I styled this dress with the cutest rainbow bag and espadrilles,” Johnson said. She explained to me just how important it is to pay close attention to the fabric you choose to wear. "I love incorporating cotton in my everyday looks. I have peace of mind when I choose to wear pieces that are made with cotton for a few reasons. Like I mentioned, I live in the South and the temps in the summer are frankly uncomfortable. I always gravitate towards cotton dresses for breathability and function. Cotton is also perfect for sensitive skin, and it's easy to maintain. You can always toss it in the washer and just be done. More funds for clothes, and less on a bill from the cleaners.” Yes and yes.


(Image credit: Rochelle Johnson)

As I mentioned earlier, Johnson is a mom, and as a new mom myself, I’m in awe of how pulled together she looks all the damn time. This shorts and cotton-top look is something that I can see myself wearing when I’m running around after my one-year-old, so I was curious to find out how she approaches getting dressed when she has a day of feedings and playtime ahead. "All moms are different, but I try to have only things I truly love in my closet so that I really only have a choice to wear something that makes me happy and feel like myself. Make it easy for yourself to be on point by decluttering and buying things that you love and function best for you and your lifestyle. Take these denim shorts, for example—they are such a staple in my summer wardrobe. I especially love the vintage wash and style of these. Styling denim with a white cotton blouse is classic, and I never get tired of the pairing.” Definitely trying this once I can figure out how to get my skin glowing like Johnson's, too.

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