Bella Hadid Wore the Surprising Fall Accessory Trend You Can Get So Cheap

As a fashion editor who is very much obsessed with accessory trends, I've had my eye on which ones celebrities are wearing first, and Bella Hadid is always a great one to start with. Hadid isn't one to ever shy away from laying them on, no matter how simple or not so simple her outfit already is.

While out to dinner in London this week, Hadid wore a casual, trend-forward outfit consisting of a leather (or faux-leather) jacket, an oversize blazer, a T-shirt, black trousers, and Adidas sneakers. But when I saw the photos, my eyes went straight to her head. Hadid wore what's shaping up to be fall's biggest accessory trend (which actually started this summer): a kerchief. Kerchiefs have been all over my Instagram feed and were all over the season's runways, so it's hardly surprising that it's on the radar of Bella Hadid. In particular, I love to see how she styled it for fall, opting for a seasonally appropriate plaid version.

Scroll on to spy the trend on Hadid, and shop fall kerchiefs for yourself, all of which are under $50. 


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On Bella Hadid: Adidas Samba Sneakers ($70)


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