7 Halloween Costume Ideas That Involve Leggings

For those of us whose ideal costume is one that takes minimal preparation, there's one closet staple that is the key to surviving Halloween—and it's already sitting in your dresser. Leggings are the dark horse of Halloween costuming, and while you might peg them more for the track than trick-or-treating, they're actually surprisingly versatile. With a touch of inspiration, there are actually plenty of ways to build a costume around the off-duty staple.

Since we're committed to making Halloween as easy (and comfortable) as humanly possible, we've created seven costumes that you can throw together using leggings. Which means, if you've been dreading figuring out what the heck to wear come October 31, we've got your easy solution. Now you can sit back, relax, and sample Halloween candy instead of stressing over what to wear.

Read on for seven Halloween costumes using leggings, and shop for whatever you need!

Yeezy Season

For an easy costume that will crack up all of your most fashionable friends, go for an all-nude look and call yourself Yeezy Season. Kanye would definitely approve.

Sandy From Grease

Round up a friend to play Danny, and then shimmy the night away in this fun costume. Just finish it off with bold red lipstick and you'll be good to go. 

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld will forever be a fashion icon. Style his look with a stylish suit. For an added bonus, add a white wig and convince a friend to dress as Choupette.

Edie Sedgwick 

Pay homage to Andy Warhol's muse, the model Edie Sedgwick. While you may not make it to Studio 54, hey, there's no harm in pretending.

Black Cat

When it comes to simple costumes, there's nothing quite so effortless as a classic black cat. Lacy ears along with drawn-on whiskers instantly make an all-black look into something totally different.


With the rise of this season's ballerina trend, it seems only right to include a ballet-inspired look in our list of costumes. Style a tutu with leggings, but feel free to skip point shoes and go for comfy flats instead.

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