The Internet Is Obsessed With Emi Jay—My 10 Fave Hair Accessories From the Brand

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Deep Reviews: Emi Jay Hair Tools

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Since I'm a beauty editor, everyone always assumes that I'm constantly put together. My skin is in perfect condition; my makeup is flawless; and my hair is always springing up in a bouncy blowout. Well, I hate to say it, but that's rarely true. Just like everyone else, I have my fair share of skin issues (mostly sun damage and a stubborn case of rosacea. I'm also no stranger to the occasional makeup fail (smudged eyeliner, flaking mascara, you name it). As for my hair, I know this might be shocking, but I rarely style it unless it's a special occasion.

Why, you ask? For one, my hair is naturally wavy, and lately, I've been trying to embrace and accentuate its natural texture. Secondly, my hair is also naturally dry and thin, so I try to keep it away from damaging heat tools as much as possible. Thirdly, I'm lazy. There, I said it. If I can get 10 minutes of extra sleep, I'm going to take it, and that often comes at the expense of consistent hairstyling.

That doesn't mean I never touch my hair or I just let it do whatever it wants. Nope. I use a variety of products as part of my weekly routine, including hair masks, serums, and oils. I also have an entire drawer devoted to hair accessories. Trust me, no one will ever know you just rolled out of bed if you have the right headbands, bows, and hair clips. And, to me, the right ones come from the trendy, internet-famous brand, Emi Jay.

The Claw Clips

Beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing an Emi Jay Pink Sugar claw clip

(Image credit: @kaitlyn_mclintock)

Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll probably say they see me wearing an Emi Jay claw clip more often than not. With the Big Effing Clips, I toss them up in my hair every which way. Sometimes it's purposely haphazard; think of ruffled-yet-chic references like Bridget Jones or Kate Winslet in The Holiday.

Beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing an Emi Jay clip in Cherry

(Image credit: @kaitlyn_mclintock)

I like to pair a dark red claw clip with a more polished hairstyle. That's why I'll do a sort of French twist with my hair before securing it with the claw clip. If I'm really feeling fancy, I might add a bit of hairspray or pomade onto my front pieces for a defined look.

Beauty editor Kaitlyn McLintock wearing an Emi Jay Sweetheart Clip in Cherry Pie

(Image credit: @kaitlyn_mclintock)

For this look, I gave myself an at-home blowout to give my thin hair some bounce and movement. Then, I used the Sweetheart Clip in Cherry Pie to secure a simple half-up, half-down hairstyle. It was so easy and took all of 10 minutes to complete from start to finish.

The Styling Tools

Emi Jay doesn't just sell claw clips (although I highly recommend checking those out first). The brand also sells a bevy of other hair accessories and tools, like this hair brush. It's so aesthetic, I can't help but keep it proudly atop my bathroom counter. What can I say? Some things are just too pretty to put in a drawer.

This brush is plastic-free and pure bamboo. It has a high-quality construction that's designed to glide through the hair without snagging or tugging while distributing the hair's natural oils from root to end.

Speaking of the hair's natural oils, I like to use Emi Jay's Boar Bristle Brushes whenever I'm trying to skip shampoo. The natural material distributes oil like a dream, making my roots look less greasy and my ends look more moisturized. It's also the perfect brush for creating a slicked-back look. Trust me, use this to brush your hair back into a slick bun or ponytail, add a little bit of Emi Jay's Angelstick ($38) on top, and your style will last for hours and hours without any flyaways.

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