The One Item Everyone in Fashion Is Wearing Right Now

Want to be in the fashion-girl know? Then you better get on board with the latest trend, but let us warn you that it's one you thought you'd never see again. Two words: fanny packs. (You can call them belt bags if that's more on brand for you.) And since we all know fashion girls can be a tad extra, of course the fanny packs are by Gucci. The idea of a stylish fanny pack was beyond our comprehension until the designer's belt bags doused in jewels, velvet, and leather started gracing the waists of fashion's elite.

Still not sure what all the hype is about? Fanny packs? Big deal. One scroll through the street style images we've rounded up for you will have everything making sense in no time. Whether it's worn over dresses, blazers, or heavy coats, the fashion community has officially spoken, and they're saying this is the accessory to own this fall.  Go on to shop our favorite curation of Gucci fanny packs, in addition to a few other affordable options.