10 Graphic Tee Outfits to Try This Fall

Few things are easier to wear than a T-shirt, yet the flip side of that is it's all too easy to throw one on with the same pair of jeans every morning and call it a day. Comfy? Yes. Instagram-worthy? Not so much. Graphic tee outfits can be creative, though, as dozens of street style stars have proven time and again.

Take the ensemble Romee Strijd wore to the recent Paris shows, which consisted of a Balmain tee paired with red leather pants and an on-trend baker boy hat—it was simple yet undeniably eye-catching. Or that of another off-duty model who added a floppy beret and retro oval shades to the classic denim-and-tee combo to give it a fashion-forward touch.

This fall, make your collection feel fresh again by styling it with less expected pieces, like dressy skirts or '70s-style flares. Get started with the 10 inspiring outfits below, and shop fun tees by Loewe, Madewell, and more.