12 Shopping Habits to Adopt and Retire in 2017 

Even as online editors who, quite literally, shop for a living, we know that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to matters of the wardrobe and wallet. After all, we’ve all been there when what you thought was a good purchase turns into a regret shortly after, or, have experienced the feeling of dwelling over the one that got away, or got stuck buying something we didn’t really like for an event, simply because we waited too long. So, with the New Year just a couple weeks away, we thought it would be a fitting time for all of us to refresh ourselves on some easy shopping dos and don’ts to help make 2017 the year of good purchases—or at least better ones.

Scroll through to read about the 12 shopping habits to adopt and retire in the new year!

Retire: Buying more just to get free shipping.

Adopt: Checking multiple sites to find the best deal.

Nobody likes the feeling of paying for shipping, but it’s better to shell out the extra $5 or $10 rather than buying something you don't need. Regardless, you should always check to see where else is selling the item you want because some sites offer free shipping on all purchases—no matter how small.

Retire: Getting something just because it’s on sale.

Adopt: Keeping a list of things to buy when sales start.

By keeping a list or bookmarked folder of the over-budget items you would buy after a markdown, you can enter sale season with ease, knowing exactly what to look for. This reduces your chances of making a later-regretted impulse purchase just because of a markdown.

Retire: Buying items that are too small.

Adopt: Seeing the potential in tailoring something.

Something that starts out too small is likely to never fit. However, if an amazing piece is available in a size that is too big or doesn't fit perfectly, consider whether tailoring is possible—it's often worth it for the perfect piece.

Retire: Waiting until the last minute to buy something for an event.

Adopt: Shopping for things you need before things you like.

This editor can tell you from experience: There's nothing worse than having to buy something you only kind of like, or worse, don't even like, just because you needed it for a party. Whether it's a dress, certain shoes, or an accessory, it's always best to buy those necessary items first, when you have time to find the best option, and then shop for things you simply like. 

Retire: Buying everything in black.

Adopt: Daring to try new prints and colors.

Black often feels like the fail-safe option, but the more you explore new prints and colors, the easier it will be to create more interesting, dynamic outfits. So try something new—even if it’s just gray.

Retire: Listing to whatever your friends say.

Adopt: Seeking out free styling services.

We've all had that why did I listen to my friends? moment when we let someone else's opinion overly influence our own. We're not suggesting ignoring your friends all together, but it's important not to let them dictate your every purchase. On the other hand, it can be refreshing to seek out the help of a styling professional, which many stores, such as Topshop and Nordstrom, provide; e-tailers like Net-a-Porter provide it, too, through chatting. Their outside perspective might be just what you need.

Which of these tips struck a chrd with you? Tell us in the comments! 

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