5 Style Uniforms Fashionable Women Swear By

Surely you have noticed those women who pride themselves on a certain combination of clothing they consider their "go-to" outfit. In other words, a style uniform. Having one of your own is extremely beneficial as it helps you narrow down the things you should be shopping for, and gives you an instant outfit when in a pinch. Since coming into your own individual style definitely doesn't happen overnight, we rounded up a handful of our favorite street style stars who happen to have some of the best style uniforms around for you to draw inspiration from in the meantime. Who said you couldn't steal a few of these for yourself? In fact, we highly recommend it!

Be sure to pin the below image so you always have go-to styling inspiration on hand and then check out each of the uniforms in detail below! 

Boho Dress + Neutral Sandals


Style du Monde

Pictured: Viviana Volpicella 

Doesn't this dress just make you crave a tropical vacation? 

This light gold is a great alternative to a plain neutral as it makes any look more interesting. 

Crisp White Top + Pencil Skirt + Sneakers


Style du Monde

Pictured: Sarah Rutson

This top is way cooler than any ordinary button-down we've ever seen. 

Vertical stripes on a pencil skirt instantly lengthen your silhouette. 

You can never have too many pairs of white sneakers. 

Jacket + Cropped Denim + Low Heels


Collage Vintage; Style du Monde

Pictured: Miroslava Duma 

How can a jacket be this beautiful and this affordable? 

Step-fray jeans are the only way to wear cropped denim these days. 

Low block heels are great for days when you're running around the office, and can instantly polish up a more casual look. 

Statement Dress + Edgy Sneakers


Style du Monde

Pictured: Veronika Heilbrunner 

We could so see Veronika in this dress. 

Paired with a longer printed dress, these sneakers are just the right amount of edgy. 

Short Hemline + Thigh-High Boots


Style du Monde

Pictured: Patricia Manfield 

The jacket every fashion girl is wearing right now. 

Forget over-the-knee—bring on over-the-thigh! 

Speaking of fashionable style, there is an affordable British brand that bloggers are loving right now

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