These 5 Gender-Fluid Fashion Lines Are Changing the Game



The last two years have seen the rise of fast-fashion brands like Zara and H&M announcing the arrival of their very own unisex fashion lines. Zara's now-defunct Ungendered line was met with mixed reviews—well intentioned but lacking in execution, which consisted of basics typically found in the men's department but lacked typically female-coded items like dresses or skirts. A year later in 2017, H&M released a line of unisex denim simply called Uni. Despite the difficulties mass-produced fashion merchandisers have to hurdle in creating successful gender-fluid clothing lines, independent designers have flourished in the space, pushing their evolving designs to reflect ever-changing notions of gender, sex, and self-representation through clothing.

Keep reading to learn more about five gender-fluid fashion lines that are changing the industry.

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