Get In—We're Going Shopping: The 6 Cool Trends Gen Z Is Buying This Fall


@lolatung; @dualipa; @aniyahmorinia; Courtesy of H&M; Courtesy of Sandy Liang

Gen Z Says is a bimonthly column chronicling the latest trends in the fashion and beauty space through the lens of Who What Wear's own Gen Z editors. Expect a download on the upcoming class of tastemakers, emerging designers, and shopping and style choices straight from the generation setting the trends.

Fall weather has only just started, yet my TikTok feed has been filled with users sharing the buys and trends they're most excited about this season. As expected, the Gen Zers have stirred the pot, with millennials in their comment sections begging them not to bring certain styles back. (Cuffed jeans were a standout hot topic.) Well, fashion is circular, and despite their best efforts, trends of the past will become new again. The Pinterest boards are filled with '90s and Y2K images, and my generation certainly knows how to revitalize a trend that you thought was buried away in the past. But don't fret—not every Gen Z–loved trend is as divisive as cuffed jeans. Some have reached the masses of all ages. 

Even if you don't consider yourself a Gen Zer (I'm 25, so I'm very much on the cusp), the trends below are ones to keep on your radar this season. I searched through the accounts of Gen Z celebrities and influencers and took note of the common themes throughout their recent outfits. You can choose to go all in and purchase a pair of metallic pants and cuffed jeans, or you can add subtle, cool hues to your wardrobe with a satin bow or silver earrings. Either way, shopping within this article is something that's going to be hard to resist.

Keep scrolling to see all of the Gen Z fashion trends that are defining what's cool this season.



Tell the other trends in your closet to move over for metallics. Although metallic and shimmery pieces have been the popular pick for Beyoncé's and Taylor Swift's concerts, people are sneaking a touch of silver into their everyday ensembles as well. If you can't get a pair of the sold-out Wales Bonner x Adidas Sambas, a pair of silver loafers or flats might scratch that itch for now.



We reported on red being the It color of 2023 earlier in the year, and Gen Z is catching on this fall. Even if you're not one for color, a pop of red by way of accessories can really bring your outfit up a notch or two.



We've seen brands like Simone Rocha and 16Arlington tie themselves to delicate and romantic styles of clothing, but it's Sandy Liang's bow- and ribbon-filled collections that have really taken off with Gen Z. The brand even collaborated with Baggu, the roomy and durable bags that have taken over TikTok.



If your leather jacket or boots don't look like they've been through it, Gen Z doesn't want it. Miu Miu has been a leader in the trend, which makes sense, as it's often seen as Prada's little-sister label and is one of the generation's favorite aspirational brands. 



Nope, we're not fatigued by the balletcore look yet, and I don't see it happening anytime soon. From heavy-duty leather to delicate satin versions, the shoes continue to be popular for fall.



I'm sorry to all the millennials reading this, but cuffed jeans are back. I'll admit it—I also have some horrid flashbacks to cuffing my skinny jeans to show off my Vans, but I can agree that the 2023 equivalent feels a whole lot chicer.