I'm Placing Bets That This '90s Accessory Trend Will Be Big This Fall


(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe; Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Fendi)

Every fall marks the return of beloved staples (like knee-high boots, sweater dresses, or leather jackets), but it also brings in the possibility of adopting something "new." Of course, when it comes to trends, there's nothing that's ever entirely original—inspiration is constantly drawn from the past. As runway collections have tapped nostalgia more and more, we've witnessed formerly "dated" trends be transformed into something that feels brand new. 

Nothing shows that more than the return of furry accessories. Fur accessories have always waned in and out of style as humans have worn them for centuries. However, they first gained notoriety in the fashion world in the 1960s, thanks to designers like Karl Lagerfield coining the term "fun fur" when working at Fendi. But the '90s marked an even more significant shift in the popularity of fur, as fabric production innovations allowed for the creation of faux fur, making the fabric more animal-friendly and affordable. The result was the creation of a slew of furry accessories that managed to define the decade and continue to do so to this day. 

We can see furry accessories continued presence in the fashion zeitgeist, most recently in fall/winter 2022 collections. From Kim Jones at Fendi to Donatella at Versace, we saw no shortage of designers taking this '90s-inspired accessory and reenvisioning it in a way that could make even the most forward-thinking fashionphiles feel a flicker of nostalgia.

So, without further ado, here are the three ways this trend reemerged on the runway, along with the best furry accessories to shop for right now. 


1. Furry Bags
(Image credit: Courtesy of Loewe; Courtesy of Off-White; Courtesy of Fendi)

Ahh, furry bags. Remember those? There's been a slew of "dated" It bags that have managed to come back into the fold, and fuzzy bags look to be the next ones on the comeback tour. But unlike the '90s versions of this style, we saw more polished ones focused on modern silhouettes, vibrant colors, and thoughtful materials. From Fendi to Jacquemus to Off-White to Loewe, there was no shortage of fuzzy bags on the fall runway, making this accessory arguably one of the most fun to adopt this fall. 

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2. Furry Shoes
(Image credit: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta; Courtesy of Yuhan Wang; Courtesy of Acne Studios)

Embracing fuzzy accessories was a head-to-toe endeavor (quite literally) for designers this season. From red fur boots at Bottega Venetta to shag loafers at Yuhan Wang to fuzzy pumps at ACNE Studios and shearling sandals at Dion Lee, we saw fur shoes in every form. Whoever said fur shoes couldn't be functional clearly never saw the F/W 22 runways. 

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3. All the Fur Trimmings
(Image credit: Courtesy of 16 Arlington; Courtesy of Dion Lee; Courtesy of Miu Miu)

It wasn't just bags and shoes that were adorned with fur on the F/W 22 runways—it was all about embracing fur trimmings to the max this season. We saw fuzzy fabrics everywhere through hats, gloves, belts, and outerwear making it clear that this '90s trend is back and fluffier than ever. So, if you had any doubts about embracing this trend, consider this story the permission slip you needed to get a little sentimental with your sartorial choices this fall. 

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