Lauren Conrad, Eva Chen, and More Reveal Their Old AIM Screen Names

There was a time—not as long ago as it feels—when screen names were as important to our identities as our Instagram and Twitter feeds are today. But we were all much younger back then, making the names we chose to represent us a bit more suspect and A LOT more embarrassing. My cross to bear? HeSaidSheSaid7. I know, guys, I know

But I knew I couldn’t be alone in my slightly mortifying choice, so I decided to ask some of the industry’s favourite faces what names they went by back in the early days of the Internet. Given that these people are so creative, I figured there had to be some really fun ones in the mix, and my prediction was spot-on.

Scroll down to find out what name everyone from Lauren Conrad to Sophia Amoruso went by in the days of AIM.

"My first screen name was actually EVLily (my favourite flower at the time… no longer!) at AOL. Everyone thought my email was, which, frankly, is not my MO personality-wise." —Eva Chen

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“Lux is for Lux Lisbon, of The Virgin Suicides, one of my favourite books! And the rest is my birthday: August 29.” —Hillary Kerr

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"Embarrassing but awesome.” —Rumi Neely

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“Because I am common and also loved 99 from Get Smart.” —Laura Brown

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“I have worn vanilla perfume my entire life, and people called me Vanilla Jen in high school.” —Jennifer Fisher

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"HA! So embarrassing!" —Joey Maalouf

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“Mine was pretty boring. I made the mistake of choosing a zero, instead of an O, which was confusing. For years my nickname was 'Kat-poe' because of the screen name.” —Katherine Power

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“A riff on the Rage Against the Machines song ‘Calm Like a Bomb.’” —Sophia Amoruso

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?What was your first screen name? Let us know in the comments!

Jessica Schiffer
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