3 Bold Trends Even Classic French Girls Are Trying

When you think of classic French style, images of Breton stripes, ballet flats, and scarves may come to mind. But as our UK editor pointed out, that notion is quickly becoming a myth as global platforms like Instagram naturally encourage a sartorial sameness. How a New Yorker and a Parisian dress is not as disparate as it used to be. We also have our collective Instagram obsession to thank for the trend of wearing more eye-catching, or shall I say thumb-stopping, items. The more colorful, striking, or emotional an item, naturally the more likes you’ll get, and for influencers, likes equal a living. That said, we still think there are interesting nuances to how people from varying regions approach the same trend, which is why we’re highlighting how the French are tackling many of the trends we’re also loving stateside.


Susan Alexandra is soley responsible for the resurgence of this trend, and it turns out the happy beaded bags are irresistible even to girls with the most classic style.


Fran Drescher–style leopard is taking the globe by storm, and French girls are not immune. One skirt by Réalisation (the brand name is French, but it’s actually two Australians behind it), in particular, has fueled the leopard-print fire.


You’d think the average chic French woman would say non, merci to flashy logos, but they’ve been spotted on every Parisian influencer.

Now that you’ve had a crash course on what’s happening in France, we’ll be moving southeast to Italy. Here’s how to get Italian summer style in five easy outfits.

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