French Girls Won't Touch These Current Trends

With colder weather just around the corner and new pieces dropping daily, fall style is on the minds of people in the fashion world. So it’s no surprise that everyone is trying to decode the must-have items and pieces to invest in. But what do the French think about all the looming trends for fall? To find out, I decided to speak with some in-the-know Parisians to decode how the French feel about clothes for the season ahead. Ahead, hear from Audrey Taillée, Lula’s editor in chief, as well as Parisian fashion girl Anne-Victoire Lefevre, as they weigh in about the fashion trends they will be wearing for the season ahead and the ones they’ll be skipping. Then shop pieces you’ll be spot on all the cool French girls next month.

What French Girls Are Skipping: Balaclava Headwear

But They're Wearing… Big Coats

French fall trends: teddy-bear jacketa



“I’ll definitely not be following the Balaclava we’ve seen a lot of those on the fall/winter runway shows (Dior, Gucci, Chanel),” says Taillée. While the tricky headwear trend won’t be in her closet, big coats are something she’s already wearing.

What French Girls Are Skipping: Jumpsuits

But They're Wearing… Leopard

French fall trends:leopard



Another trend Taillée is skipping? She admits jumpsuits an everlasting piece, but she doesn’t feel she’s “tall enough to pull it off.” On the other hand, she’s finally ready for leopard print again, and plans to wear it as a top or a skirt mixed with another print instead of a major piece like a coat or jacket.

What French Girls Are Skipping: Flounces

But They're Wearing… '80s Pieces

Lefevre weighed in about the fall trends as well, sharing that for the season ahead, she won’t wear flounces or anything too frilly (“but I will wear the ’80s trend if it’s not too structured,” she notes).

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