7 French Lingerie Brands You'll Be Mad You Didn't Know About Before

French style is something we've been studying for quite some time now. Undeniably chic at every turn, the way in which Parisiennes dress is a mystery to all, and their lingerie is no exception. Underneath it all, though, French girls are investing in—you guessed it—French nigligées. As with their ready-to-wear wardrobes, it's those Parisian details that make all the difference. So, in order to achieve peak French-girl style, we figured starting from the ground up would be our best bet and went on a hunt to find fresh (to us) French lingerie brands to add to our ever-growing French fashion obsession.

Ahead, discover seven French lingerie brands you'll honestly be mad you didn't know about before this moment. While some of the names below might ring a bell, we are confident that most will be foreign. No matter what kind of lingerie purchase you're aiming to make, though, the selection below will ensure every one of your French lacey dreams come true.


What to Shop: Expensive-looking pieces in rich colorways.


What to Shop: Affordable lingerie of all kinds in statement-making styles.

Princesse Tam Tam

What to Shop: Fun bras and underwear that will make you want to wear matching sets every day. 


What to Shop: Ultra-sultry separates and special-occasion pieces.


What to Shop: Basically everything, but we particularly love the detailing on the bras. 

Lise Charmel

What to Shop: Bold satin hues and charming French lace galore.


What to Shop: Everyday basics, each with an elegant twist.

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