These 7 Jean Brands Are the Key to Achieving French-Girl Style

It's no secret that achieving French-girl style is something many, many want to do—and that's why we've curated countless guides on the exact pieces, brands, and combos that some of our go-to French influencers fall back on time and again. We've highlighted the six trends they're skipping this fall (plus those they'll be sporting instead), found the basics French girls live in year-round, and we even found the lingerie brands all French girls swear by. Follow our guides and, well, you'll practically be French. 

But even though we've covered nearly every aspect of a well-rounded Parisian wardrobe, from the undergarments to the closet basics, there's one insanely important category we have yet to tackle: the best French denim brands that are key in attaining that highly sought-after French-girl style. Denim, after all, is one of the most-worn fabrics in the City of Lights, so it only makes sense we add it to our French fashion archives, no?

Ahead, the seven jean brands French girls love, including big names like Isabel Marant, plus a few smaller labels you'll wish you knew about sooner.

1. IRO Paris

Cool and bold best describe the denim you'll find tucked away in IRO Paris's amazing collection.

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2. Rouje Paris

This French-girl favorite brand has everything from flowy dresses to the dreamiest slip skirts, but the jeans—now those really stand out.

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3. Musier Paris

A stylish French girl founded Musier Paris. In other words, the offerings (and the jeans) are about as perfectly Parisian as it gets.

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4. Sézane

Want affordable, sustainable, French girl–approved jeans? Sézane is your calling card.

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5. Isabel Marant

This one's a no-brainer. Isabel Marant's jeans are donned regularly by celebs and street style stars alike.

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6. Miaou

With a fanbase that counts the likes of Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Kendall Jenner, it's no surprise the brand's pants are almost always sold out.

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7. Reiko Jeans

These no-fuss, straightforward jeans are the perfect closet basics you'll reach for time and again. 

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Eva Thomas