The Items French Girls Never Wear on an Airplane


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I’ve been planning a trip to Italy with my friends for months. We’ve rented a catamaran and will be visiting the Amalfi Coast by the sea. To me, a weeklong trip on a boat needs organizing not only for restaurants and sightseeing but also in terms of style. This is actually a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and even discussing with my closest friends: How to travel while remaining chic?

I always like to observe Parisian women whenever I’m at the airport. Their travel style is so flawless and laid back at the same time. For instance, I never thought that traveling with a lot of luggage was chic, and I think it’s something that most French women would agree about. French girls at the airport look exactly the same as they would in the street. Usually, their go-to outfit is a mix of hard and soft, which includes a flattering pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater or an oversize shirt, and a well-tailored jacket, all paired up with a classic piece of luggage such as the Louis Vuitton Keepall or Longchamp Pliage Bag. That’s what I call traveling à la Parisienne!

For the airport, I used to privilege comfort over style when I was younger, especially when I took long flights. I would wear a pair of leggings, Uggs (yes, Uggs), and a comfy sweater. When I look back to that time, I wouldn’t say I regret it as it’s a time that comes with a careless attitude that I enjoyed, but I’ve definitely been trying to evolve. Now, I won’t wear comfortable clothes over stylish pieces. I try (as much as possible) to dress as I usually do. So for summertime, I wear a flowy dress or a pair of jeans with flats and a leather jacket or a sweater that I carry in my basket in case it gets chilly. Furry boots and leggings are now banned!

Traveling a lot for work lately, I noticed I hated waiting for my luggage at the airport. I also live on the fifth floor in Paris and don’t have a lift, so carry-ons are not the best option for me. I’ve been looking for a duffel bag and finally put my hands on one that’s practical and has that safari-chic vibe. In France, Longchamp bags are a chic, classic, and affordable option, even a go-to for Parisians.

The Amalfi Coast is trending on Instagram right now, as is the style that goes with it. Of course it’s tempting to adapt to the trends on Instagram, but I’m going to try to keep it low-key and stick to my usual outfits (the ones that I wear in Paris, too). Keeping in mind that I’m traveling on a boat, I forced myself to bring only essential wardrobe pieces and accessories that can be worn in several outfits.

That includes a few colorful wrap dresses, a Levi’s jean skirt, and some tops to pair with it, a pair of flat sandals and a pair of high heels, a basket bag, and a lot of swimsuits since that’s what I’m going to be wearing most of the time. Beside the swimsuits, the rest of the looks are pretty much the same as what I usually wear in Paris. Whenever I’m abroad, I can always recognize Parisian women. With just a messy bun, simply cut dresses, Repetto ballerina flats, and a relaxed attitude, they’re a little laid-back with a touch of je ne sais quoi.

Keep reading to see the travel essentials I’ll be packing for my summer getaway to the Amalfi Coast.


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)


(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, these are hands down the coolest sneakers to wear right now.

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