The #1 Trick to Make Your Outfit Look French

If you've been lucky enough to score yourself some perfectly fitted jeans this winter, well done. You're one step ahead of me. Since you'll probably be living in those jeans for the next few months, you're about to find out how to take them to the next level with this simple French girl styling trick. It's not new, it's not groundbreaking (sorry), and you probably own a few tools of the trade already. I'm talking about belts.

After a bit of French style stalking over the weekend (Anne-Laure Mais of Adénorah, Camille Charrière, and Jeanne Damas to name names), I found a common pattern in most of the images I was screenshotting, and that was the blue jean and belt combo. Belt trends can be fun to play with each new seasoncue the Gucci logo belt every fashion girl owns or the corset waist belt seen everywhere—and the humble accessory has quickly become more of a stylish addition than a necessity for holding up your pants. 

A belt is also a good way to get one piece from a designer collection without splurging on the entire outfit. Even better, if you can find yourself a quality vintage designer belt through the likes of The Real Real or Vestiaire Collective, that's a real catch (and very Parisian of you). But you can be rest assured that a plain leather belt will also make your denim jeans look effortlessly cool.

Keep scrolling to see how the French girls are styling their belts to find your next outfit inspiration, then shop our top picks.

Anne-Laure Mais of Adénorah

Camille Charrière

Jeanne Damas 

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Lara Burnell
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