5 Chic Yet Simple Nail Trends French Women Are Loving in 2023

French women are continually our go-tos when it comes to seeking style and beauty inspiration. If you're looking for chic, timeless, and sophisticated outfits or makeup looks, the French woman aesthetic is impossible to beat—and exactly the same can be said when it comes to nail trends and manicure inspo. 

When you think of French woman beauty, natural-looking skin, a bold red lip, groomed brows, and a simple slick of cat-eye liner, probably spring to mind. It's simple and minimal but the result is seriously elegant—and when it comes nail trends, the aesthetic is the same. Think perfectly shaped nails, immaculate cuticles, minimal nail art, and a sophisticated colour palette. Long nails, grown-out gels, chipped polish, and stand-out nail art designs are nowhere to be seen, because French woman nail trends are all about perfection and minimalism.


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Scroll down for your guide on the nail trends that French women are wearing this season—complete with product recommendations that will make your DIY mani a whole lot easier.

1. French Manicure



It might seem obvious, but there really is a reason why the French manicure is held up as one of the most iconic nail trends of all time. It's elegant, flattering, and makes nails appear healthy and well-groomed, which is exactly what French women beauty is all about. What's more, the classic French mani is certainly not going anywhere and has seen a resurgence in recent years—if you're looking to modernise this go-to style, consider replacing the classic white tip with a pastel or neon shade.

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2. The Perfect Red


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You'll rarely see a French woman wearing a bold or bright colour on her nails other than a classic red. Whether you opt for a true crimson, a vivid scarlet, or a deeper, darker take on red, ensure that the polish is applied flawlessly and has a high-shine finish. Bonus points if you match it to your lipstick.

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3. Short & Rounded



Another thing you'll notice about French womens' nails? They keep the length short and the shape rounded. Avoid long nails or squared off edges and instead keep your nails as natural looking as possible. Remember that a manicure is about far more than just applying nail polish—French women put the time in when it comes to shaping, filing, and prepping their nails.

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4. Neutral Nudes


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While red is the exception to the rule, you'll notice that most French women keep their nails neutral, matching them as close to their natural nail colour as possible. Far from boring, this sleek and sophisticated colour choice works with literally any and every outfit, looks good on every skin tone, and also helps to conceal any obvious nail growth.

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5. Minimal Nail Art


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Nail art is a huge trend right now, but French women steer clear of garish and graphic designs in favour of minimal styles which subtly enhance a neutral nail. The reverse French tip, as shown above, is one such style—note that the shades used are delicate and muted pastels. Tiny heart or star motifs, a single dot near the bail base, and ultra-thin wavy line designs are also popular choices.

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