Paris Has Spoken—These French Hair Trends Will Be Everywhere This Autumn

Honestly, when it comes to the chicest hair styles I could write a thesis on the ways in which French women always get it right. From effortlessly face-framing fringes to the coolest colours, everything about their hair is undeniably covetable.

"They absolutely understand the ‘less is more’ approach," agrees celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith. "Often opting to keep their colour natural and their hair un-styled in a 'wash and wear' approach allows the beauty of their natural hair to shine through."

But while there are certain cuts that are the epitome of French girl hair —the classic bob, I'm looking at you—I'm interested in finding out what some of the more-under-the radar styles are that French women are currently wearing on the streets of Paris and beyond. 


(Image credit: @SALOME.MORY)

Ahead, a top hairstylist deciphers with his finger on the pulse both here and across the pond breaks down what the 3 biggest French girl hair trends are right now. Keep scrolling to find out...

1. Birkin Bangs

Nobody has perfected a fringe like the French, but this modern take on the style is even more effortless than its sweeping predecessor. "Birkin bangs are characterised by a shorter, choppier fringe that is unstructured and textured and disconnects entirely from the rest of the hair," explains Smith. "This is a great style for those who want to frame their eyes and cheekbones, but otherwise keep their hair long."


(Image credit: @JULIESFI)

This statement fringe totally elevates a simple ponytail look.


(Image credit: @FRANNFYNE)

A choppy fringe is so versatile and looks great on both long lengths and shorter bobs.


(Image credit: @DIANEKARI)

The feather-soft ends of these longer bangs mean this fringe style never looks too blunt or heavy. 

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The one commonality of these French girl hair trends is that they all elevate the wearer's natural hair texture, and this layered cut is a prime example. "Naturally curlier hair is cut to enhance the natural texture without a set parting and allowed to air-dry," says Smith. "This look is a playful and feminine style that really celebrates texture."


(Image credit: @ANDI_MUN)

Forget about a parting—going without one adds so much movement as demonstrated with this elegant, mid-length style.


(Image credit: @HANNALHOUMEAU)

The piecey layers at the front of this curly style add movement to a bob.


(Image credit: @SABINASOCOL)

Layers add subtle volume and texture to fine, air-dried waves. 

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Of course, no round-up of French girl hair trends would be complete without a mention of the French bob—one of the most popular styles of 2023, wherever you live. "Worn in soft, flicky waves and cut higher towards the face, this Parisian style can be worn flipped over or parted with a soft fringe," describes Smith. It does require some maintenance though—Smith points out that you'll need to have a trim every six weeks to keep this style looking its best. 


(Image credit: @MELODIEBANCE)

A side-parting is such a chic French look and pairs perfectly with hair this length.


(Image credit: @SYLVIEMUS_)

I love the juxtaposition between the sharp centre-parting and the soft bob silhouette here.


(Image credit: @SALOME.MORY)

The French bob looks chic whatever your hair texture, from curly to poker-straight.

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Mica Ricketts