The "Dated" Trend French Women Still Love to Wear

One thing we've noticed about French women is their shared ability to breathe new life into older trends—looks some might even deem "dated." But with their natural flair and laid-back approach to styling, they have influenced us to wear a trend we previously wrote off. Enter corduroy. While this retro fabric has long been considered a basic, we haven't seen it as much in the last few years. But make no mistake—if you follow the Gallic-girl dress code, it's one of the season's biggest trends.

French Girl Corduroy Outfits: @jeannedamas wears a corduroy pair of trousers with a shearling jacket



Although the material has roots in the '70s, French women give their corduroy staples a modern feel, wearing them in fresh new ways. Take Julie Sergent Ferreri, whose bright-pink corduroy suit was one of the sleekest looks we clocked during Paris Fashion Week. And Franny Fyne? She makes her classic tan corduroy blazer feel up-to-date with the addition of crisp ecru denim and on-trend cowboy boots. Throw in a look from Camille Charrière that involves a corduroy miniskirt and a leather jacket, and it's clear that corduroy is an integral part of the current French wardrobe.

Scroll on to see six French-girl corduroy outfits that have convinced us to dig out our long-forgotten corduroy pieces once more. However, don't worry if you haven't already invested in the trend. We've outlined essential buys in the fabric for you below.

6 Tips for Wearing Corduroy 


French Girl Corduroy Outfits: @tamaramory wears a pair of brown corduroy trousers



Style Notes: Although brown corduroy might teeter on feeling dated, Tamara Mory makes her trousers feel more modern by wearing them with a tonal camel sweater and then offsetting them with sleek black boots.


Style Notes: You might not think there's a place for corduroy skirts in the fashion-girl uniform, but as Camille Charrière proves, they look incredible paired with trending pieces such as platform boots and leather blazers. 

French Girl Corduroy Outfits: @frannfyne wears a corduroy jacket with white jeans



Style Notes: Trousers not your thing? A blazer will blend just as seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. Make like Franny and pair yours with white jeans and cowboy boots for a 2022 feel. 


French Girl Corduroy Outfits: @vikilefevre wears a pair of yellow corduroy trousers



Style Notes: Although classic shades of brown, tan, and navy corduroy will always serve you well, don't be afraid to wear the fabric in fun colorways, just like Anne-Victoire Lefevre has here with her delicate yellow trousers. 

French Girl Corduroy Outfits: @juliesfi wears a pink corduroy suit



Style Notes: Speaking of color—wow! Julie's Longchamp corduroy suit is the stuff of fashion dreams. Although hers has sold out, we've found some similar options for you. You're welcome. 


French Girl Corduroy Outfits: @lenafarl wears a pair of navy corduroy trousers with a tan cardigan



Style Notes: The beauty of corduroy trousers lies in their versatility, especially if you choose a shade of navy or black. Simply wear them with everything you'd ordinarily style with jeans—in Léna Farl's case, a white blouse and cute cardigan—and you'll wonder how you ever got dressed without them. 

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