A French Woman Walks Into Nordstrom—11 Items She'd Buy and 11 She Wouldn't


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Ah, two subjects we love to talk about—French-girl style and Nordstrom! While the two things don't usually coincide (as of now, there are no Nordstrom locations in France), we like to keep things hypothetical and fun over here, so today, we're bringing you our ultimate French-inspired guide of what our Parisian fashion friends are likely to buy should they ever find themselves across the pond and wandering into a Nordstrom. We're also highlighting the items they would likely say "non, merci" to.

Of course, there are plenty of sleek staples included in the mix and Parisian-inspired basics that are ideal for the current fall/winter weather. If you're curious or simply love Nordstrom and French-girl style like we do, then keep scrolling for plenty of shopping inspiration.

Buy: Oversize Striped Sweaters

Skip: Color-Block Sweaters


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Yes, it's true French women love stripes. They generally favor striped sweaters a lot more than any other geometric or color-block designs. This season's fresh take on striped sweaters comes in relaxed, slightly oversize silhouettes.


Buy: Classic Loafers

Skip: Chunky Loafers


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When it comes to fall footwear, stylish French women skip the trendy chunky loafers and stick to more timeless and classic silhouettes that are versatile and will never go out of style.


Buy: Straight-Leg Jeans

Skip: Super-Skinny Jeans


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Jeans are a French staple, and you'll always find a high-waisted straight-leg silhouette in their wardrobes. Bypass the super-skinny styles and go for a more relaxed cut.


Buy: Loose Tailored Trousers

Skip: Leggings


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Effortlessly elegant, French women love to pair loose tailored trousers with heels and sneakers alike, adding a smart touch to even the most casual ensembles.


Buy: Relaxed Button-Downs

Skip: Over-the-Top Party Tops


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Another French-girl wardrobe staple? A classic relaxed button-down, which we see stylish Parisians wear year-round. A style they're likely to skip are overly fancy party tops.


Buy: Leather Jackets

Skip: Plaid Shackets


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We don't see too many French women in plaid shackets in fall. What we do see are cool leather jackets all over the streets of Paris! From moto silhouettes to relaxed bomber styles, the French love to style them with everything from jeans to skirts and tailored trousers.


Buy: Cute Cardigan Tops

Skip: Draped Shawl-Collar Cardigans


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Once there's a chill in the air, the cute cardigans come out. Stick to a slightly fitted silhouette in one color rather than long and languid draped styles.


Buy: Relaxed Blazers

Skip: Cropped Blazers


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While cropped blazers are still a trend we're seeing on the fashion crowd, the French tend to stick to oversize, relaxed blazers in neutral hues. They're timeless, classic, and cool.


Buy: Trench Coats

Skip: Puffer Vests


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Trench coats will always be a staple synonymous with the French. They'd bypass the puffer-vest section at Nordstrom and head straight to the trenches.


Buy: Ballet Flats and Mary Janes

Skip: Super-High Heels


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Two shoe styles we see time and again on our favorite French influencers are ballet flats and Mary Janes, especially when worn with relaxed jeans. 


Buy: Long Wool Overcoats

Skip: Tracksuit Jackets


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Once the temps get frigid, the long, sleek overcoats come out. The low-key luxe coat adds a chic touch to any winter outfit.


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