When French Women Aren't Wearing Neutrals, These Are the "It" Colors They Love

Trends are something we talk a lot about here at Who What Wear. No matter the source—the runways, Instagram, or street style—if there's a new trend on the horizon, chances are we've talked about it somewhere in the depths of this site. While our opinions are great and all, it's nice to get an outside perspective to make it feel a little more personal, which is why we looked toward the Instagrams of many French women to find out a little more about a particular trend category we've been researching—color trends.

Parisians are known for their love of neutrals, so when they do inevitably wear color, it's worth taking note of. The Scandinavian fashion set may have a strong love for color-blocking, but the French style set likes to stick to tonal outfits and small pops of color. Even if you're strongly aversed to color, we bet the looks below just might change your mind. Scroll to discover the five colors, from the palest of pinks to sunshine yellow, French women like to rely on for a little sartorial change.

Siren Red

We've called this fiery shade of red the It color of 2023, and French women seem to agree. Whether you go all in or stick to a colorful accessory, it'll make for a striking look.





Baby Pink

Pastels aren't just for spring—they're for all the time. This delightful shade of baby pink is worn by the fashion set fairly often, and it pairs best with other pastels or shades of gray and black. 

Slime Green

Some may think this color is "ugly," but we think it's incredibly cool. After all, just look at how it pops against the neutral pieces in the outfits below. 




Yellow can be a tricky color to style, but the French fashion set is not afraid of a challenge. 



Barbie Pink

While baby pink is a favorite, the more saturated version is also very loved. Swap out your LBD for a bright-pink number on your next night out.