5 Colors Parisian Women Are Retiring This Spring

Trends are something we talk a lot about here at Who What Wear. No matter the source—the runways, Instagram, or street style—if there's a new trend on the horizon, chances are we've talked about it somewhere in the depths of this very site. While our opinions are great and all (if I do say so myself), sometimes it's nice to get an outside perspective to make it feel a little more personal, which is why we reached out to five of the most stylish French women to find out a little more about a particular trend category we've been researching—color trends

Color trends ebb and flow just as rapidly as, let's say tie-dye or bike shorts, but for some reason, they don't get talked about as much. Maybe that's because color is an extremely intimate thing to most people. What looks good on someone else might not make you feel as confident as you could, and so on and so forth, which is why the Parisian women ahead spoke to the colors they are personally adopting for the spring season ahead as well as those they're retiring. 

From being fed-up with neon green to a newfound love of lavender, discover which five colors the French girls ahead can't wait to wear this spring and why. 

 Chloé Harrouche

“This spring and summer, I’m a bit tired of bold colors paired together in color block–like fashion. Instead, I love a little touch of color but not a total outfit.” 

Retiring: Bold Color-Blocking

Adopting: Subtle Hints of Color 

Ellie Nesmon

“I’m currently tired of neutrals. Beige was great for wintertime, but bright colors are all I want to wear come spring. I lean toward colors that mirror what’s happening in nature, like flowers blossoming and trees getting greener. I’m into pastels, greens, and pinks.”

Retiring: Neutrals

Adopting: Pastels 

Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui

“I have to admit that I hate the neon trend—especially neon green. In my opinion, it’s okay if you are a teenager, but it's not as elegant when you’re an adult.  It reminds me of the bad side of the ’80s. Right now, I’m obsessed with the lavender trend, which was also my favorite color when I was a teenager. Even my bedroom was painted in that color!”

Retiring: Neon Green

Adopting: Lavender 

Sarah Nait

“Burgundy is a color that I associate with the fall/winter seasons and heavy fabrics like velvet or wool, so I'll be holding off on those. To me, spring means challenging my signature all-black outfits by making a statement with brighter but still subtle shades. I am really into yellow ochre lately—it’s a color I find really attractive and elegant especially on silk.”

Retiring: Burgundy 

Adopting: Yellow Ochre 

Christina Caradona

“Honestly, I think for colors, the ones I feel are the most played out are pastels. As much as I love them, I’d be just as happy to see them take a break for a while. Pastels are so dull and boring to me. I’m excited about more vibrant colors! Some gold yellows and bright blues. I want to wear colors that show my personality and aura!”

Retiring: Pastels 

Adopting: Vibrant Hues 

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