10 Chic Pieces I Can't Stop Thinking About (That Are Finally on Sale)


(Image credit: Frame )

I confess—while my virtual shopping cart is always filled to the brim with potential items, I rarely pull the trigger and purchase more than one or two. Call it indecision if you want, but it's really a mix of practicality and frugality. Chances are, eventually, most good things will go on sale, making the delayed but inevitable purchase an even sweeter victory. While this tactic may seem silly, hear me out.

The below 10 Frame items have been on my mind for quite some time (particularly the Sgt. Pepper Silk Dress), and while they're worth the full original price point, I'm even more excited to see they're finally discounted. Scroll to shop the Frame pieces I'm finally calling my own (for an even more discounted price). PS: If you're looking for even bigger savings, Frame will be offering an extra 25% off all sale styles starting December 26, with code EXTRA25.

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