Psst: This Is Where I Go to Find the Best Under-$46 Fashion Gems

Since I like to buy clothes often (okay, that's probably the understatement of the year), I've had to dig deep for places where I can buy pieces that won't make me go totally broke. While I've found some good contenders, nothing has done it for me lately like Forever 21. It has all the on-trend, stylish pieces a fashion editor like myself could wish for—faux-leather puffers, second-skin tops, mock-croc bags, you name it. And the prices are unbeatable, so I never feel too bad when I add three, or even four, extra items to my cart from time to time. Want to see for yourself? Keep scrolling for the current gems I've found, each less than $46.


I can't even begin to count the number of times I've worn this.

I truly can't get over how cute this sweater is. It's soft, it's pink, and just what my closet needs.

More and more pieces with collars are making their way into my wardrobe. I'm not mad about it.

A prime example of how neutrals make everything look more polished.

Sometimes all you need is a basic crop top.

Fashion girls are all over the second-skin-top trend.

Oh, how I wish I could wear this as a going-out top. But these days, I'll be wearing it indoors while drinking wine with my S.O.

I'd happily wear this cozy set every day of the week if I could. 

Shoes & Handbags

I can wear these with everything I own. And that's a fact. 

The white stitching just gives them that extra chic touch.

My favorite things to wear around the house.

Hot pink is popping up everywhere this season. 

For those warmer winter days in Los Angeles.