5 Cool Football Game Outfit Ideas

If you’ve ever attended a football game, you might’ve noticed that what you wear to the matchup is almost as important as who wins. (Okay, well, at least to us.) When deciding what to wear to a football game, it’s essential to look cool, comfortable, and appropriately dressed for the weather. And while it may be tempting to just throw on jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers for a day at the stadium, there are plenty of simple, stylish ways to think outside the box, sans too much effort.

With that in mind, we found five recent celebrity-approved outfits that are perfect for the occasion. These It girls (e.g., Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin) nailed the chill yet elevated look that's perfect for sporting events. Feel free to work in your team’s color however you see fit!

Click below to see five football game–friendly outfits and shop the looks!