21 Floral Skirts to Wear This Spring


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The moment spring rolls around, florals are top of mind. As you shed your winter layers and tuck all of your heavy coats away in the back of your closet, pieces adorned with flower prints are a fitting way to ease into the new season. Dresses and tops are always essentials, but lately, we have been noticing lots of pretty floral skirts on the market. With everything from high-waisted miniskirts to long ankle-length styles, there’s a version that can fit into anyone’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re wearing yours to a weekend barbecue, a wedding, or even the office, we’ve rounded up the best styles of the season that you can get right now. Paired with a silk blouse and pair of pastel sandals, floral skirts are the ultimate wardrobe staple to get you through the season. Here, shop the best floral skirts to wear this spring.