Sorry, But My Trend Crystal Ball Says This Type of Blazer Is Going Out of Style

Helsa Studio S Curve Jacket 27 Fitted Waist Blazers



When taking in the fashion landscape over the past few years, it would be extremely difficult to miss the overwhelming popularity of oversize, boxy blazers. The cool style has been spotted everywhere from the runways to the wardrobes of the most stylish influencers, all worn in a variety of ways. However, as with any trend, the most fashion-forward people are already looking for the next It style to come along. In this case, it happens to be the nipped-waist blazer. This fresh style still has a longer hem, but the shape has taken a strong swing toward sculptural with an hourglass effect.

In fact, Who What Wear's stylish co-founder Hillary Kerr recently shared the merits of this fresh blazer style on her Instagram Stories: "The fitted waistline is so lovely. So many styles just look like they're swallowing you whole; this one isn't tight at the waist. It just skins in an elegant way." Soon after, I spotted the latest Helsa collection featuring a buzzy fitted-waist blazer, and that's when it clicked. This is the next trend in blazers.

This structured, cinched design is actually nothing new. It's really a fun revival of the jacket style that reigned supreme back in the '80s and early '90s. And it's no wonder why it's coming back into the spotlight—the silhouette is streamlined, figure highlighting, and all-around super chic. Balenciaga is known for this signature look, but it's now finally being spotted across the fashion landscape. Ahead, I rounded up 23 great options for getting the look, plus a variety of outfit ideas featuring the fitted blazer style.

Here for a blazer with curves in all the right places.

This blazer is the one that Kerr calls perfect in every way.

Camille Charrière pairs her fitted blazer with ankle-slit pants and jeweled sandals.

I can see this $50 black blazer easily becoming a closet staple.

Amy Julliette Lefévre 27 Fitted Waist Blazers



Amy Lefévre takes her cinched blazer to the next level with matching pants.

Olive-green jackets are spot-on for fall and winter.

Just look at the bold shoulder on this black blazer.

This is the perfect party blazer—just throw it on over a sequin dress.

Gray blazers always feel polished.

Charlotte Groeneveld is the epitome of cool with her structured black blazer, jeans, and trendy ballet flats.

Whether for work or a night out with friends, a smart blazer always comes in handy.

The long silhouette of this neutral blazer makes it a standout.

This blazer has extra cinching at the waist thanks to a tie closure.

I am a huge fan of this streamlined black blazer.

This vibrant pick is not for the color shy.

Angela Fink ALC Carlyle Jacket 27 Fitted Waist Blazers



Angela Fink gave her black blazer the party treatment with a pair of black trousers, a glitzy bag, and embellished pumps.

Just wait until you see the cool cutout back on this blazer.

Sylvie Mus 27 Fitted Waist Blazers



Sylvie Mus has me considering opting for a navy fitted-waist blazer over my usual black selection.

Here is a great navy blazer to consider this season.

This splurge-worthy blazer makes a cool statement.

For those looking for just a slight nip at the waist.

Helsa Studio Black S Curve Jacket Elsa Hosk 27 Fitted Waist Blazers



Elsa Hosk dons a cinched-waist blazer from her very own Helsa collection.

Hurry! This blazer is selling out quick.