I Cringe Every Time I See This on a First Date



While I’m no first-date expert, or even a dating expert, I feel like I weirdly have this talent where I can tell when a couple is on a first date. Maybe it’s because I’m subconsciously eavesdropping on other people dining or maybe it’s because my roommate and I love to play this game when we’re out to eat where we predict certain scenarios, like “table to your left, they are for sure on a first date” or “group behind you, they’re 100% going to Delilah after this.” Is it a little weird? Maybe, but don't judge us we find it entertaining.

During my experience playing this made-up game, I’ve noticed a few fashion choices that make me cringe (okay, cringe is a little dramatic, but this definitely catches my attention). Let me preface by saying, one should always wear what makes them feel confident over everything. I even recently shared the one outfit combination I wear on every first date that makes me feel my best no matter what. Back to the one thing that makes me cringe. I spot this when I see the person I’ve predicted is on a first date walk to the restroom, and there it is: The heels are causing the person to walk unnaturally. This is most likely because they don’t fit properly or perhaps are too tall. To avoid this, I always recommend wearing a comfortable block heel on first dates. Shop my favorites below!  

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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