Dressing for My Sagittarius Sign on Dates Actually Boosted My Confidence

I have to admit I’m pretty into astrology. I don’t buy into all of it, but when I sit back and consider the attributes of my Sagittarius zodiac sign, it’s pretty convincing. Sagittarians are known for being adventurous travelers (check) and independent (you bet), but they also can’t sit still and get bored easily (I’ll begrudgingly admit that yes, these are also true). I’m always curious about digging deeper into my astrological traits, so when Who What Wear’s Aemilia Madden tried dressing for her sign, I was intrigued. I decided to test it out for myself—but instead of everyday clothes, I tried wearing first date outfits by my zodiac sign.

To point me in the right direction, I consulted astrologist Nadine Jane, whose Instagram I’ve been following since she launched her account last September. For the uninitiated, the account is filled with beautiful pastel-hued photos and bite-size snippets that break down each horoscope—making it the perfect way for millennials to digest their sun signs. Her posts had provided some knowledge, but I still wanted to know: What should I be wearing for dates to better line up with my Sagittarius tendencies?

Nadine Jane got down to inspecting my sign, noting that “Sagittarians are always on the move. So clothes that they can breathe in, dance in, and generally have a good time in are key.” This struck me as spot-on. I gravitate toward pieces that are tailored but never too tight, so this couldn’t be more accurate. She then added, “It is also a fire sign and not afraid to be noticed, so bold colors and prints are always on the table.” I don’t always wear strong colors or patterns, but I have to agree that when I do, it feels very right (as I relearned with a recent wardrobe experiment).

But when it comes down to it, she told me, “Sagittarians are the students of the world and are constantly finding new style inspiration and influence. Because of this, their aesthetic is very eclectic and hard to pin down. Every day you’ll get something different. You can never call them boring!” As she described this, it rang very true. I feel like my style has many common cords, but it is constantly evolving and changing—and I’m always happiest when I allow myself the chance to experiment and try new things. Still, I wanted to chance to see how this impacted my date night outfits.

Here's how the experiment went

Adhering to Nadine Jane’s advice, I allowed myself to follow some style inspiration—picked up from Bella Hadid (specifically a top she was wearing earlier this year). Off-the-shoulder tops are nothing new, but this boned version feels surprisingly fresh. It’s a piece that’s been on my radar for a while now, but I never pulled the trigger and tried it for myself until this experiment. With a mix of black and white with gold layered necklaces, this outfit doesn’t stray too far from my normal ones, but it is the first time I tried out a corset-inspired piece. I quickly realized that the outfit hit on some notes she had touched on: It was comfortable, inspired by new fashion influences, and part of my ever-evolving personal style. The only thing missing is the bold colors or prints, which I plan to add in next time.

And much like Madden’s findings, I too felt much more confident by dressing for my zodiac sign. Really, it gave me the push to follow my natural impulses instead of second-guessing myself and my fashion choices. And in the end, what’s better than feeling confident when you’re headed into a first date?

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I’ll be interested to see how this experiment continues as I keep testing it out.

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