12 Easy and Empowering Halloween Costumes

You've probably noticed how many "sexy" Halloween costumes there are out there for women every year. Well, if that's not exactly your thing (although no judgment if it is), we'd like to provide a few alternative suggestions for you to peruse. Enter our roundup of empowering, feminist Halloween costumes. From Beyoncé to Buffy to Hermione Granger, the 12 costumes you'll see below are easy to put together, too. Bookmark these now and you'll be ready for whatever October 31 throws at you.


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All hail the queen! This Halloween, channel Beyoncé via her iconic Coachella ensembles.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Killing vampires and empowering women since 1997. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume is not only easy but also appropriately spooky for Halloween.


Princess Leia Organa
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Princess Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher, shows that there's no limit when it comes to pursuing what's right.


Wonder Woman
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Whether you opt for Gal Gadot's version or the '70s TV series starring Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman is a foolproof costume.


Cookie Lyon
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The best part of dressing up as Empire's Cookie Lyons for Halloween? You'll re-wear this suit all the time after the holiday is over.


Frida Kahlo
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Could we talk about feminist costumes without mentioning Frida Kahlo? We think not. The Mexican artist was a true trailblazer.


A Suffragette
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The perfect costume to remind everybody you meet on Halloween to participate in politics.


Angela Davis
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Part of the black feminist movement, Angela Davis is an activist and scholar worthy of emulating.


Serena Williams
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The greatest athlete of our time. Period. 


Elle Woods
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No one has ever done Harvard in more pink than Elle Woods. 


Selena Quintanilla
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The life and legacy of the iconic singer continue to empower women years after her tragic death. Selena Quintanilla is the true definition of a star.

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Let's be honest: If it weren't for Hermione, Harry and Ron would have never survived their years at Hogwarts.

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