My Wardrobe Wouldn't Look the Same Without These 5 Brands

I realize that saying my wardrobe would look significantly different without a few key brands is a big statement, but I stand by it. Recently I went to take stock of my wardrobe, and it immediately became apparent which items I reached for day in and day out. Like most of us, I rely heavily on wardrobe basics to help me easily style the trendier items I own, but not all basics are made equal, if you ask me. Among all the plain T-shirts, bodysuits, and loungewear I own, there are a few key brands I rely on for high-quality pieces that fit like a dream and make even the simplest outfits look stylish.

From the softest sweatshirt I've ever worn to the not-so-basic T-shirts that always add a something special to my outfits and even one black bodysuit to end all black bodysuits, I'm sharing all my favorite basic clothing brands that have totally changed my wardrobe for the better. Sure, they're called "basics," but all the items from the below five brands offer interesting updates to these classic staple pieces.

Interested to see which brands I rely on heavily in my everyday style? Keep reading to shop my favorite basic clothing brands and see how I wear them.

Cotton Citizen

I didn't think someone could make me love a simple crewneck sweatshirt until I tried this cropped version and the coordinating joggers from Cotton Citizen. The material is beyond soft, and I like how the cropped shape gives it an updated spin. Above is an outfit I regularly wear into the office because it's easy but still put-together.

It's also become my go-to travel sweatshirt.

I'm a big fan of the coordinating joggers, too.

I just added this tee to my closet, and it might be the softest one I own.

The brand just launched the coolest denim sets, and Michelle, Kristen, and I jumped at the chance to test out the new styles first.

Yep, they just made a classic denim jacket way cooler.

This baggy shape is the denim trend getting all the buzz right now.


n:Philanthropy makes lighter-than-light tees with creative cutouts and some pretty cool knit pieces, too. But what really sold me on the brand is that it's pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds to charities it strongly believes in.

The tee I'm wearing above. The neckline cutout adds an interesting dimension, and I reach for it when I want to dress simply without my outfit looking "boring."

I have this in both white and black. That's how good it is.

This dress might be the definition of easy dressing.

Your favorite black sweater just met its match.

Make this your go-to top for winter.

The Range

This newly launched NYC-based line has seemingly done the impossible by totally reinventing staples like tees, bodysuits, and knit dresses. Anyone who thinks they'd never be into an asymmetrical neckline will change their mind upon meeting this selection of updated basics.

Meet the top you'll wear with jeans nonstop.

I'd wear this with white sneakers during the day and swap them out for strappy sandals as soon as the sun sets.

Repeat after me: I need this top.

Zip this all the way up for a completely different look.


I'm sure you hardly need an introduction to Everlane. The brand has long been on my radar, but it was only recently that I nabbed something from its vast selection of ethically made wardrobe staples. After searching far and wide for the perfect boxy-fit T-shirt, I ordered one of the men's tees on a whim and instantly fell in love.

This is the tee I'm wearing above. As the name suggests, it's a heavyweight cotton, which makes it the perfect slightly oversize tee to wear tucked into trousers.

This simple scoop neck is giving me a French-girl vibe.

I'm stocking up on one of each color turtleneck for the season ahead.

You'd be hard-pressed to find high-quality cashmere sweaters for this price point anywhere else.


As soon as I tried the signature bodysuit from Helfrich, I never went back to any other brand. It focuses on knitwear and other basics and does them really, really well.

The material is on the thicker side and really hugs you in. I could tell immediately how much attention to detail was put into making it.

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