Confirmed: Every NYC Girl Is Wearing These "Boring" Pieces

I just returned from a trip to NYC, and it served as a great reminder that the number one necessity for clothes in the city is functionality. Don't get me wrong—New York is a beautiful place, but it's also dirty and crowded, and being out in the elements for extended periods of time is unavoidable. Unlike in other cities, I can't just wear whatever I want there, and that makes packing very tricky for me. It's been nearly a decade since I lived in NYC myself, and while I make it back there a couple times a year, it's still very difficult to fill a suitcase for my visits. This time, though, I decided to really pay attention to what NYC girls wear to help them survive life in the Big Apple. What I noticed first and foremost was that a lot of their choices are, well, rather boring—but it's how they style these "boring" basics that always makes them look so cool.

Among the pieces I saw on repeat, there was a lot of outerwear, plenty of layering pieces, and comfortable, easy basics that can be worn over and over without anyone noticing. And isn't that all any of us want more of in our wardrobes, regardless of where we live? That's why I'm sharing my findings with you here (and I included Instagram proof to back it up and make it more fun). Keep scrolling to find out which 12 "boring" pieces NYC girls are wearing, and shop each for yourself.