The Best White T-Shirts to Wear With High-Waisted Jeans

Best white T-shirt to wear with jeans


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As you know, not all white T-shirts are created equal, and going through life with just one would be nearly impossible, in our opinion. Today we're addressing the best white T-shirts to wear with high-waisted jeans (something that you probably wear if you're reading this).

First of all, knowing which T-shirt styles to avoid when wearing high-waisted jeans is helpful. Since you want to show the waistband of your jeans (otherwise, what's the point?), skip white T-shirts that are oversize and ones made of thick fabric. Instead, look for fitted styles that are easy to tuck, and cropped, boxy styles you won't need to tuck in but that won't expose too much midriff.

Now you know what to look for, but we took it a step further and chose 21 white T-shirts that are worthy of your favorite high-waisted jeans. Shop them below.

This editor recommends this style to everyone.

Fitted and just the right amount of cropped.

Gotta love a flattering knot detail.

Urban Outfitters' new tee collection is so good and so affordable.

This pretty tee was recently restocked, so get it while you can.

If you like soft T-shirts, this one's for you.

The longer sleeve length on this one is so flattering.

Hanes x Karla tees have become cult classics.

If you've never tried Everlane's tees, definitely start with this one.

Are you picking up the '90s vibes this one is giving?

Consider this style if you want to invest in a high-quality tee.

Try this one with faded black denim.

Our market editor Nicole swears by this brand's tees.

Who's ready to bring 3/4 sleeves back?

This one is described by the brand as "soft and sturdy."

Just a casual little Balenciaga option to round things out.

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