11 Easy Outfits to Throw on When You're Running Late This Month

I don't know about you, but it feels like I never have time to choose an outfit in December. Between holiday parties and events, gift shopping, and family commitments, it's arguably the busiest month of the year, but it's also a month that coincidentally requires lots of different outfits.

I'm not proud of this but more often than not lately, I find myself with five minutes left to get ready, frantically throwing on the first outfit I see. Not recommended. But honestly, it's inevitable—sometimes you're just running late, and that's why having a mini arsenal of easy, fast outfit ideas is the key to a less stressful December.

While more of the below influencer-approved outfits are quite casual, they're also quite versatile and can be dressed up or down with a change of shoes, outerwear, and/or accessories. Scroll on to see what I mean and shop the best winter outfit ideas that Instagram has to offer.

Occasion: Tree shopping

What You Need: Faux-fur coat, sweater, skinny jeans, knee-high boots

Cute December outfits



Occasion: Wintry Weekend Errand Running

What You Need: Puffer, Turtleneck, Leggings, Winter Boots

What to wear with a puffer



Occasion: Brunch or Coffee With Friends

What You Need: Camel Coat, Khaki Pants, Brogues

Camel coat outfit



Occasion: Weekends and Holiday Break Lounging

What You Need: Cardigan, Sweatpants, Sneakers

Occasion: The Office

What You Need: Two Sweaters, Belt, Trousers, Pumps or Loafers

Casual winter work outfit



Occasion: Travel

What You Need: Sherpa Coat, T-Shirt, White Jeans, Tan Boots

Winter travel outfit



Occasion: Dinner Date

What to wear to dinner in December



Occasion: Holiday Gathering

What You Need: Oversized Blazer, Turtleneck, Skinny Jeans, Flat Boots

Holiday outfit idea



Occasion: Shopping

What You Need: Fur-Trimmed Coat, Turtleneck, Jeans, Black Ankle Boots

The Occasion: Drinks With Friends

What You Need: Colorful Knit Top, Black Pants, Boots

The Occasion: Casual Friday

Easy winter outfit idea



Next up, see the cold-weather capsule wardrobe containing nine outfits—each under $250 total.

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