7 Fashion-Girl Shoe Trends We're Seeing More and More Of

When we scroll through our Instagram feeds and an outfit stops us in our tracks, it's often thanks to the shoe silhouette featured. Makes sense, right? It’s almost impossible to resist an eye-catching pair of heels, mules, or sneakers that have the ability to make an outfit. There have actually been a few key footwear trends fashion people have been posting more and more of as of late.

Blame it on fashion month or the forthcoming change in seasons, but the style set is really going for it with their shoe selections. Yep, we’re talking about those statement-making, fun, and forward trends that can really amp up any look. Keep scrolling to scope the seven fashion-girl-favorite shoe trends we’re seeing everywhere right now, and shop each look to step up your footwear game this season.

1. Floss Heels
New Spring Shoe Trends: Strappy Sandals



Floss heels are known as those barely there, strappy sandals that are quite minimal. The silhouette reigned supreme on the spring runways, and the street set continues to wear them more and more.

2. Low Slingbacks
New Spring Shoe Trends: Kitten Heels



If you're looking for a versatile pair of shoes you could wear to work and out afterward, consider patent slingback kitten heels.

3. Hiking Boots
New Spring Shoe Trends: Hiking Boots



Hiking boots have been cropping up throughout the fashion world for months now as an instant way to add a cool edge to an ensemble.

4. Elevated Sneakers
New Spring Shoe Trends: Chunky Sneakers



If it's sneakers you're going for, consider a multicolored pair of elevated trainers. Think not as clunky as "ugly" sneakers but up there.

5. Snakeskin Ankle Boots
New Spring Shoe Trends: Snakeskin Boots



Snakeskin booties were one of the top silhouettes in fall 2018. And you know what? The look isn't going away for spring, either. So if you haven't jumped on the trend, now is your chance. 

6. Mid-Calf Boots
New Spring Shoe Trends: Mid-Calf Boots



While standard booties will never go out, it's all about the mid-calf boots right now—especially paired with jeans and skirts. 

7. Embellished Heels
New Spring Shoe Trends: Embellished Heels



When it comes to heels, the more pizzazz the better. Stilettos and mules with eye-catching embellishments will instantly upgrade any look you're wearing.