8 Outfit Ideas That Tell Me You're a Fashion Girl Without Actually Telling Me


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While everyone has their own catered style, there are certain outfit silhouettes that you can always rely on to be deemed "fashionable." Everyone can change the colors and patterns to their own liking, but it's clear that there's a slew of combinations that fashion girls tend to follow on the regular. It's my job to keep up with the norm in fashion, so these fashion formulas are pretty much ingrained into my brain. Whenever I have a hard time planning an outfit, I play it safe with these certain combos because it's evident they work every single time—trust me.

To give you examples of these staple ideas, I turned to the feeds of WWW's favorite follows on Instagram to prove how well these outfit ideas actually work, and how easy it can be to put it together yourself. Below, you'll find a range of ideas featuring items you probably own in your closet. Most of them are simple but will have you looking put together on any day. Follow the base and put your own twist and soon enough everyone will know you're a fashion girl without you actually having to tell them.

Blazer + Graphic Tee + Relaxed Jeans



This is my go-to whenever I'm in the mood to wear a t-shirt and jeans but want to make it feel more elevated. There are so many cool graphic tee options out there, and a blazer will just polish the look. 



Who said workout wear had to be boring? Add an oversized coat, retro sneakers, and a hat and you immediately just made your gym outfit stylish.

Fun Matching Set

A sweatshirt and sweatpants are usually the "lazy" outfit, but when you get a matching set in a fun color or print, it does the styling for you.

Oversized Sweatshirt + Biker Shorts



The look Princess Diana led on years ago is still a thing, and I haven't seen anyone that doesn't look good in it. 

Oversized Blazer + Dress 



Fashion girls are always combining masculine and feminine pieces together, and this outfit idea is just the perfect example. The contrast looks good every single time.

Sweater Vest + Exposed Collars



Sweater vests may have started off as a trend, but there's no doubt in mind that they're a closet staple now. If you're stumped on how to style one, just throw it over a classic white button-down. 

Basic Top + Printed Pants



I have catered a collection of funky printed pants simply because they create an outfit for you. They already create attention towards your look, so all you really need to do is pair a basic top and you're good to go.

Button Up + Relaxed Jeans + Mules



I dress modestly, so I have to get creative in the summer when I want to look good but feel comfortable. I started stealing my dad's oversized button-ups and pairing them with jeans and mules, and it's an outfit that requires minimal effort but looks like put real thought into it. 

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