6 Free Styling Tricks From the Runways

a woman on the altuzarra runway

(Image credit: Altuzarra / Su Mustecaplioglu)

Generally during fashion week, the designs that come down the runways are ones you won’t be able to buy for at least six months. (Bummer, I know.) But if you’re feeling impatient, runway styling tricks are ideas that you don’t have to wait half a year to break out, you can make them work now. Based on both the pieces already sitting in your closet and perhaps a few new purchases, you can channel the feeling of a collection that you loved, without all the waiting. 

Let’s take Proenza Schouler’s show as an example. The brand’s fall/winter 2024 runway collection was full of sleek, elevated basics that I’ve already added to my want list for next season. While I wait, I’m embracing the easy-going, slick feel of the show by testing out some of the brand’s creative layering at home. I was particularly inspired by a sweater that was worn half on, with the neck and one arm enrobed in the knitwear and one arm left revealed. A sheer long-sleeve top underneath added texture and depth to the look, and the vibe was nonchalant and sexy all at once. It’s a trick I’m already planning to break out for a friend’s birthday drinks in the coming weeks. I’ve spotted clever styling tricks in multiple cities that I’ll make use of. Some are subtler, like the elevated leggings look at Altuzarra, and some are bolder, such as Tory Burch’s take on the sheer trend. 

Explore my favorites and shop pieces to help you create an outfit that looks straight off the runway below.      

Half-On Layering

a woman on the proenza schouler runway

(Image credit: Proenza Schouler)

At Proenza Schouler, models got creative with their knitwear by throwing it on in unexpected ways. Try wearing a favorite sweater with one arm completely removed. A sheer top underneath will let a little bit of skin peek through.

Dressed Up Leggings

a woman on the runway at altuzarra

(Image credit: Altuzarra / Su Mustecaplioglu)

Not just for the gym anymore. Leggings were reimagined in dressed-up looks on the runway at Altuzarra. The collection, which was inspired by the style of dancers and stage actors, was both sleek and playful.

The Minidress Reimagined

a woman on the runway at molly goddard

(Image credit: Molly Goddard / Ben Broomfield)

Make the minidress in your closet feel fresh again with this layering trick from the runway at Molly Goddard. Try a pair of bold pants underneath and a cinched belt on top for a new take on a piece you already love.

Dancer's Duo

a woman on the tory burch runway

(Image credit: Tory Burch / Dan Lecca)

If you have yet to try out the sheer trend gaining popularity over the last few months, this combination is a playful look to try. Tory Burch's fitted bodysuit styled with a sheer skirt can be worn out as a look all its own, or layered under a chunky cardigan or coat for more coverage.

Scarf + Necklace

A woman on the burberry runway

(Image credit: Burberry)

Is your silky scarf always slipping? At Burberry, a clever styling trick offers a way to keep your look in place. Tuck your scarf underneath a chunky necklace for a surprising look that lets both accessories shine.

Surprise Sleeve

Fendi runway dress

(Image credit: Fendi)

At Fendi, arm warmers became a playful style statement. They can keep your arms toasty in a sleeveless dress, which is quite practical in the winter months, but they can also offer a way to add an unexpected color contrast to your look.

Aemilia Madden