A Celebrity Stylist Told Us the Spring Styling Hack She's Using on Her Clients

Stylist Maeve Reilly stands in black T-shirt and jeans next to Rent the Runway model wearing tan drop-waist dress.

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What came first—the celebrity or the celebrity stylist? More than likely, you'd think the former, but in reality, A-list stylists are some of Hollywood's biggest power players, brokering influential red carpet deals and stylistic rebrands that can go on to define the career for a rising Hollywood hopeful. One such stylist is Maeve Reilly, the acclaimed street style aficionado and mastermind behind looks worn by Megan Fox, Hailey Bieber, Eva Longoria, and Coco Jones. If you, like us, don't have the Hollywood budget for Reilly to transform your wardrobe and life, you're in luck.

She's teamed up with Rent the Runway for a curated, elevated collection of chic workwear and lifestyle essentials that will take any look from zero to 100 real quick. A quick scan will tell you everything you need to know: It's bold, colorful, and quite sexy. Cozy sweaters, silky dresses, boxy blazers, and cool girl–approved pants are all part of the lineup. "[This collaboration] is similar to how I approach styling—give women something they feel confident in, and they will carry that confidence … to work, on the red carpet, in all of life's moments," Reilly told Who What Wear.

Below, we chatted with Reilly about her Rent the Runway edit, her spring styling tricks, and the hacks she's currently using on her clients that everyone can incorporate into their wardrobe. Read (and shop!) everything ahead.

Given the shift of office culture post-pandemic, what does modern workwear for the everyday woman look like to you?

Pre-pandemic, most women dressed for the office. I think working from home has given everyone the opportunity to tap into their creativity and self-expression. Now, women want to dress for themselves, whether that is in a conventional office setting, at home, or wherever they get work done. Opt for unique tops that stand out during virtual meetings paired with low-rise jeans for the balance of casual and chic. When it's time to go into the office, a tailored set is super easy for a more cohesive look that you can pair with different accessories. For a more corporate office vibe, channel sophistication with a menswear-inspired look. Be sure to look out for hardware details.

With the arrival of spring and summer, what are the trends you're putting on your clients this year? Are there any notable style, silhouettes, or runway-inspired moments you're bringing to life within your own wardrobe and the wardrobes of the clients you style?

This spring, I'm loving monochrome looks with a pop of color or texture in accessories. Drop-waist styles are also huge this season and so flattering. Monochrome outfits offer a sleek and sophisticated look, while drop-waist silhouettes bring a playful vibe.

What are some existing outfit dilemmas or problems you've heard about when it comes to workwear? How do you elevate/fix those with correct styling?

One common dilemma that I see is people having a few statement pieces that they have to style their entire wardrobe around. To solve this, focus on versatile pieces that mix and match well, like classic blazers and tailored trousers. Layering and experimenting adds depth. [Embrace] textures and patterns to refresh outfits. RTR's rental service offers a solution that allows you to supplement your wardrobe with special-occasion or everyday on-trend pieces that you don't have to commit to forever.

Stylist Maeve Reilly stands in tan blazer and jeans next to colorful Rent the Runway signage.

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Naturally, most people own workwear—whether it is something as simple as a black blazer or a pair of neutral trousers. What are some ways you've been able to work with RTR to style these items as part of your collaborative edit?

Working with RTR has allowed us to show how renting can elevate basic workwear items. While many own a few statement pieces, renting lets us add personality with pieces that work with whatever you're feeling that week. I love accessories because they're the best way to elevate an outfit—I have a great raffia Marni tote in my curation that can fit all the things you need for work (laptop, pen, wallet, notebook) while leaning into a more spring aesthetic.

Red continues to be a big colorway into the summer. This Donni red tube top is great to wear with a black blazer and jeans. Textures and patterns are a great way to add a little life into your workwear staples. Take classic pieces you already have and add a twist to make them feel fresh. I have this chunky Staud sweater in my edit that takes a simple button-down to the next level.

Are there any go-to styling hacks you use on your clients?

One go-to styling hack I often use is pairing a sleek dress with bold accessories or a statement belt for a chic night-out look. For transitioning an outfit from day to night, I love layering a tied cardigan over the shoulders during the day and swapping for bolder accessories at night. Pay attention to details like complementary textures and incorporating gold hardware to elevate the look.

If you could offer one piece of styling advice, what would it be?

Show off what you love about yourself. Identify what you love most about your body and use your clothes to highlight those parts of yourself! Whether it's your legs, waist, or shoulders, find pieces that accentuate your best assets because that will inevitably make you feel confident. Don't be afraid to tailor clothing to fit your body. … When you feel great in what you wear, it shows, and that confidence is the ultimate accessory.

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