20 "Lame" (But Useful) Cheap Items That Solve Every Fashion Problem

20 Lame (But Useful) Cheap Items That Solve Every Fashion Problem


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Crafting the perfect outfit goes beyond nailing down the essentials. You need to ensure said items truly work for you as well, in terms of fit and function. But things happen. You know what we're talking about—those moments when a top doesn't quite stay put correctly or when those new tights slip just a bit too much in your shoes. Fortunately, there's a range of affordable items in the market that may seem somewhat "lame" but are actually lifesavers to solve any of those tricky fashion problems. Ahead, we rounded up 20 practical under-$20 staples to fix the most common sartorial issues out there. Keep scrolling to uncover the fashion hacks that will bring any outfit you're wearing to 100.

The Issue: Pieces that don’t always stay in place

The Fix: Say hello to the must-have to keep tops, dresses, and other items in the place you want them. The best part? This specific tape won’t leave residue on clothes.

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The Issue: Tangled, layered necklaces

The Fix: To avoid the tangled-necklace look when you’re layering your favorite pieces, try attaching the group to this spacer clasp and hooking it behind your neck for a clean vibe.

The Issue: Stains on leather and suede products

The Fix: This is one product you always want to keep in your cabinet to spray on your new leather, faux leather, or suede pieces to repel stains and rain. Because come on, who wants to see their new favorite booties get completely ruined by that unexpected shower? Exactly.

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The Issue: Bra straps showing with a strapless dress

The Fix: If you’re not into strapless bras, these clear vinyl bra straps will give you the support you need without having to show your bra straps (unless that’s your thing) with a strapless dress.

The Issue: Sweaters from shedding

The Fix: Consider investing in a fabric defuzzer to remove fuzz, lint, and pilling from your sweaters. This cheap (yet effective) device essentially shaves off unnecessary shedding.

The Issue: Feet from slipping in heels

The Fix: Ensure your feet don’t move around in your heels or flats with these pads. Simply insert them in your shoes to avoid the dreaded slip.

The Issue: Runs in your tights

The Fix: Prevent runs in your tights by spraying them with a light coat of hair spray. This essentially bonds the fibers together, making your tights less likely to get runs or snags.

The Issue: Deodorant streaks on clothes

The Fix: For those fresh (like just happened) deodorant stains, try rubbing them with a fabric softener sheet to remove quickly. Of course, if you notice stains after a long day, other cleaning and soaking methods will work better.

The Issue: Unwanted wrinkles

The Fix: This may seem obvious, but a portable steamer is a legit savior to instantly remove wrinkles from clothes—much easier than an iron in most cases.

The Issue: Shoe odors

The Fix: One trick to help deodorize smelly shoes it to insert dry tea bags in them overnight to help absorb moisture, which is often what can lead to that stinky situation.

The Issue: Makeup stains on clothes

The Fix: While there are a few different tricks, one way to help remove makeup stains from clothing is to lightly run the spot with a baby wipe to remove powder or foundation.

The Issue: Worn suede

The Fix: Breathe new life into your favorite suede pieces by grabbing an unused toothbrush and giving the suede a light scrubbing. The bristles will comb out the suede to give it a fresher look.

The Issue: Oil stains

The Fix: One hack to remove oil stains from your shoes is to sprinkle a little baby powder on the spot and let it sit overnight. This should help minimize the stain.

The Issue: Socks that are always falling down

The Fix: Hold socks, hosiery, dresses, or other fashion items in place by rolling on this hypoallergenic removable liquid adhesive.

The Issue: Uncomfortable flats or sneakers

The Fix: Sometimes going barefoot in sneakers, flats, or loafers just isn’t a smart idea. These liners are miracle workers to get that no-show look while keeping comfort in mind. The best part is the elastic top and silicone back so they won’t slip down.

The Issue: Knotted necklaces

The Fix: If you’re having trouble untangling a group of necklaces, try applying baby oil to the knot with a cotton swab. This will ultimately make the chains a bit slippery, so the knot will come undone more easily when you pull on the chain. Mild soap will then remove the baby oil once you’ve untangled the knot.

The Issue: Limited closet space and slippage

The Fix: These may seem like a no-brainer, but hey, they’re important. Flat velvet hangers take up less room in your closet than plastic and wooden hangers. They also help prevent clothes from slipping off.

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