Trust Me—Buy These 21 Things

Trust Me—Buy This is a monthly series where our market editor, Nicole Eshaghpour, makes her favorite real-life fashion finds shoppable for Who What Wear readers.

In case you’re new to this, today I’ll be rounding up my favorite items of the moment with more of a personal spin than your usual shopping story. These special selects are the pieces I’ve been loving not only online, but IRL too. With a little help from my shopping-focused Instagram account, @trustmebuythis, where I share my own snaps of items I’m into at the moment, I get to both show and tell you what I’m really wearing this month.

So what's on the docket today? Quite a bit. First up, a combination of everyday outfits and fashion week looks, comprised of both basics and statement items. Expect a few trends, classics (as always), new pieces, oldies but goodies, an unusual number of handbags—and, of course, a mix of high-end investment pieces and budget-friendly steals I think you’ll love. Ready to shop? Simply scroll down to see and read about my picks.

Here's a quick rundown of everything going on in this photo (with the exception of the NYC trash in the background): I love this puffer because it's simple but still makes a statement thanks to the oversize nature and acid-wash effect. The sweater, to me, is special because of the color, of course, but especially the distressing, which you don't often find in a luxe basic. The pants, which you can see better below, are very me because they're as easy to wear as a regular pair of black jeans but have this cool chain detailing that I'm obsessed with. Finally, words can't even express how much I love this bag. Something about the different flowers and the way they've been placed, combined with the white backdrop just feels so unique and eye-catching—don't you agree?

I have been using this new blazer so much, in combination with all my favorite old pieces. On this day, I styled it as a dress with my go-to bag and one of my favorite pairs of western boots, but on others, I'll wear it with jeans and any combination of accessories. I love that it's neutral, but not black, and the hourglass shape is so flattering. 

I've used this bag so much since getting it, it's crazy. The handle is not only interesting to look at but so convenient because I can wear it like a bracelet and leave my hands free. Also, the medium-to-small size and satin material are perfect because in the day it gives my outfits a polished touch, and it's small enough to wear in the evening and not look casual.

Disclaimer: This lovely sweater is a Zara sale find that is no longer available—however—I've found something similar that also seems like it does the job. What's the job, you may ask? It acts like a basic in terms of how you can style it, but doesn't feel boring thanks to the white-contrast detailing. Next, this bag was my foray into my new favorite animal print, which you can read more about in depth here

This was one of my first attempts at wearing the brown and beige trends for spring, and I have to admit, I was pretty into it. I started with a base layer of black jeans and a tee, but then added the leopard boots, this cozy sweater, a furry coat, and topped it off with this perfect-sized tote.

I'm so glad Lauren is in this photo because, in an ideal world, her trench would be mine and I'd be sharing it here anyway—but this is the next best thing I guess. In regards to my outfit, it's one of my favorites that I recently wore at NYFW. It felt so simple and comfortable, yet it still stood out because of all the interesting textures and details. Shop it (and, of course, Lauren's cool coat) below.

If you've read any of my recent stories, I bet you've come across an unusual number of tie-dye pieces because simply put: I'm obsessed with the trend. Here, since it was still pretty cold, I layered this long-sleeve tee over a turtleneck and paired it with other light pieces and my favorite belt bag. This puffer is especially good, not just because it's affordable, but because it's the perfect neutral shade to go with almost anything.  

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