7 Secret Things Every Stylish Woman Does

How does she do it? If you've ever found yourself asking this exact question, mesmerized by the stylish look of someone on your Instagram feed, or a woman on the street, we feel you. We've all been there. But the simple truth is that effortless style isn't always all that effortless. It takes time, practice, and knowledge to pull it all off. But, lucky enough, having road tested plenty of styling hacks ourselves, we've been able to assemble the ultimate cheat sheet. 

Below, we've rounded up seven easy-to-implement tricks that stylish women use to step up their game. They run the gamut—from mastering the art of budgeting to finding outfit inspiration—but all lead to one end result: seriously enviable style. Armed with these habits, you'll make this year your most stylish yet, we promise. 

Read on to learn about the seven tricks you need to know, and to shop pieces to help you pull it all off!

3-7-14 Rule


(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

While we've all experienced buyer's remorse, stylish women stick to the 3-7-14 rule, which helps ensure that their closets are never clutters with things they don't really want. If they check in at three and seven days and they have yet to wear a new purchase, they return it before two full weeks is up. That way, they can save their budget and closet space for pieces they'll love, like the sweater below.

Eight-Hour Rule


(Image credit: Style Du Monde)

To help embrace the quirkier pieces in their closets, stylish women use the eight-hour rule and pick their outfits the night before. That way, they aren't rushed, and can utilize even the trickiest pieces to style, like a super-bold skirt.



(Image credit: Stephanie Zwicky)

Every season there are plenty of great trends to try, but chic women know that pulling off every single one is too much. Instead, they cherry-pick, finding what works with their already established personal style. There may be plenty of runway looks they love, but in the end, they wear what works, testing a splash of metallic, or maybe the latest athleisure look.

80/20 Rule


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While it's easy to dream of a designer wardrobe, chances are even stylish women have a much more limited budget than you might think. But by spending 80 percent of their budget on key staples, and saving 20 percent for spontaneous pieces they love, they can master trends while still making sure they've got a stellar lineup of staples, like cozy sweaters and jeans that fit just right.



(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Stylish women have always sought out and saved outfits that inspire them online, but now that Instagram has its new bookmarking feature, holding onto inspiring looks has never been easier. Whether it's a specific item to shop or a styling trick, saving ideas for later is a secret weapon fashionable women keep in their arsenal.

Season Swap


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It feels like a drag, having to put away your favorite seasonal pieces when the weather starts to change. But fashionable women make their go-tos work no matter the time of year. Layering on styles in unexpected ways helps breathe life into them anew.



(Image credit: A Love Is Blind)

While it's important to master the art of mixing and matching, sometimes it's important to let one special piece shine. Spotlighting is about keeping your look simple, but choosing one nice piece that pops and makes your outfit look super expensive, no matter what your budget may be.

Aemilia Madden