7 Fashion "Rules" I Plan on Breaking in 2019

As I glance ahead and try to plan out as much of 2019 as possible, the fashion editor in me can't help but prioritize my wardrobe. Which trends will I be buying into? Any major investments I need to make? Should I clean out my closet again? Among my laundry list of personal fashion-related questions, I pondered the idea of fashion "rules"—something we discuss a lot here at Who What Wear.

Me, a major rule follower, had a few issues with these so-called "rules" I had been abiding by for quite some time, and figured there was no time like the start of a new year to address them all. Ahead, read up on the list of fashion "rules" I plan on breaking in 2019—rules I've followed for way too long. My hope in going against the grain that barely anyone follows anymore is that I will further my wardrobe creativity and foster inspiration, one small rebellion at a time.