This Blogger's Insta Is a Gold Mine of Modest Outfit Ideas

The fashion world can get so caught up in what's trending that we forget the reality of getting dressed, which is more complex than we give it credit for. Dressing appropriately is essentially adorning a kind of armor so you can take on any given situation—and often, what's required of your look isn't anything flashy or too trend-driven. Often, you just need to be a bit more modest.

The word often carries with it a negative connotation, like you're ashamed of something or trying to hide. But a modest outfit can actually be an incredibly stylish way to go; when people pay less attention to your clothes, they're more likely to actually notice you. We found a Los Angeles–based blogger named Rachelle Yadegar who is an absolute master at making the modest look stylish, so take notes and get inspired.

Keep scrolling to see some of blogger Rachelle Yadegar's most stylish modest outfits.

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