The "Oh My God" Stunning Engagement Rings My Favorite Fashion Girls Wear

It has been years since my own engagement and wedding, but one thing I relish in is wedding planning and helping friends and loved ones pick out their engagement rings. In fact, I started an Instagram mood board to share my favorites along the way: When at Last. Weddings come and go, but the engagement ring is an everyday reminder of the love and commitment a couple shares. The ring often also reflects one's personal style, and that is where things get interesting.

One great place to find engagement-ring inspiration is on my Instagram feed—I am always keen to see what styles my favorite fashion girls land on. Below, I rounded up 11 stunning engagement rings to inspire and delight even those married long ago. From classic emerald-cut diamonds to three-stone rings to more whimsical, fashion-forward settings, there is a little something for every taste.

Lucy Williams: Fashion and Lifestyle Influncer
Influencer Lucy Williams 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings Hattie Rickards Ring



British influencer Lucy Williams created her bold fashion-forward engagement ring with jewelry designer Hattie Rickards. Before the ring was complete Lucy actually had a heart-shaped placeholder ring, which she shared in a YouTube video about her jewelry collection.

This is a cool take on the usual diamond solitaire.

If you can't decide on a stone shape, here's a great way to incorporate them all.

Cortne Bonilla: Fashion and Beauty Editor
Editor Cortne Bonilla 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings Anna Sheffield Ring



Fashion and beauty editor Cortne Bonilla opted for a three-stone ring from the Anna Sheffield Ceremonial jewelry collection. Cortne shared with us that it was, "based on a ring that belonged to Anna's mother—which I thought was so, so special. It resembles an heirloom, and goes perfectly with my classic sense of style."

This classic ring setting gets a modern twist.

Here's another option if you want a more colorful setting.

Chloë Sevigny: Actress
Chloe Sevigny Actress Wedding Ring 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



This is actually actress Chloë Sevigny's wedding band, which is too chic not to share. For a similar look, skip the trending dainty, delicate bands and go for a thicker design.

There is nothing more classic than an eternity band.

This yellow-gold pick has a staggered design that's more whimsical.

I can't decide if I like the white-gold or yellow-gold option more.

Pia Baroncini: Creative Director of LPA
Creative Director Pia Baroncini 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



How fitting is Pia Baroncini's Italian-made round solitaire engagement ring? The gorgeous ring is a custom design by Massimo Izzo, who happens to be one of her husband's close friends.

It doesn't get more classic than a yellow-gold diamond solitaire.

Alyssa Rara-Luna: Brand Marketing Consultant
Alyssa Rara-Luna 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



Alyssa Rara-Luna went the non-traditional route with her statement linked ring. The design creates a cool layered look that I can't get enough of.

One great things about linked rings is that the options are endless when it comes to the design.

Lee Litumbe: Founder and Creative Director, Éluwa Studio
Lee Litumbe 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



Lee Litumbe's oval solitaire engagement ring is the epitome of chic. The barely there band makes the diamond almost feel like it's floating.

This engagement ring is sustainably made with recycled materials.

I am a forever fan of a simple oval diamond set in yellow-gold.

Natalie Cantell: Fashion Director, Branded Content at Who What Wear
Natalie Cantell Fashion Director Naveya & Sloane Bespoke Ring 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



Who What Wear's own Natalie Cantell got to design her "art-deco inspired, sunburst dream" with Naveya & Sloane. She also shared that "engagement rings with solitaire diamonds all seemed very grown-up and seemed like I was wearing someone else's ring, so a cocktail ring like I already wore felt more my style. It's not conducive to stacking with a traditional band, so instead, I'll have a wedding ring I wear on my other hand—maybe a Cartier love ring or something else we design together. I think it's a nice reminder you can really do whatever you want when it comes to your wedding."

This art-deco design features a rose-cut diamond.

Rikke Krefting Ulstein: Fashion Influencer and PR
Rikke Krefting Ulstein Fashion Influencer 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring



Rikke Krefting Ulstein is known for her elevated minimalist looks, and her sleek emerald-cut ring fits right in with the aesthetic.

The emerald-cut diamond of this stunning ring is an antique.

Rachael Clifton: Fashion Lifestyle Influencer
Rachael Clifton Fashion Lifestyle Influencer 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



Calling all pearl lovers! Rachael Clifton's gorgeous setting shows a lovely way to incorporate a pearl into an engagement ring.

Halo rings are another classic favorite when it comes to engagement rings.

This pearl is further accentuated with the help of black enamel encased by a halo of diamonds.

This lovely pearl engagement ring was designed in Tokyo.

Amrit Sidhu: DJ and Music Curator
Amrit Sidhu DJ and Music Curator Maggi Simpkins Ring 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings



Amrit Sidhu created her beautiful framed emerald cut ring with designer Maggi Simpkins, who is known for her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

This bezeled emerald cut ring is destined to become a family heirloom.

These stylish baguette-cut diamonds are surrounded by a halo-style setting.

Camille Charrière: Fashion Influencer
Influencer Camille Charriere 11 Fashion Girl-Approved Engagement Rings Sophie Bille Brahe



Every detail of Camille Charrière's wedding was an absolute dream including her ring by Sophie Bille Brahe. As it turns out, Camille was not a fan of her original engagement ring, which she admitted on TikTok. This fashion-forward wavy design is much more her style—get a closer look at the ring over on her Instagram.