6 Successful Women Tell Us Exactly What They Want for Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner, which means the stress of gift shopping is only getting more and more intense. Between your friends, family, and everyone in between, that list of gifts to buy seems to never really end. If you've officially run out of gift ideas, we're here to help. However, this time, since we've pretty much bombarded you with endless (and excellent) gift guide content, we reached out to a few of the industry's most talked-about women to see what they are putting down on their 2018 Christmas lists

Ahead, hear from a handful of the successful women we look up to on the gifts they're hoping to open up this holiday season and why. From fashion directors to jewelry designers, content editors and authors, get ready to shop one of the most reputable fashion-girl gift wish lists around.

Natalie Cantell, Fashion Director of Branded Content at Clique Brands

Shop her picks:

"I love blazers, and Georgia's are perfect for anyone creative who spends their Monday to Friday pretending to adult (like me)."

"This timeless micro wallet demands minimal purse clutter (which I consider a sure sign of success)."

Caroline Huang Maguire, Fashion Director at Shopbop

Shop her picks:

"I am really into mini handheld bags. I absolutely love the black-and-white combo on this Staud bag. It would go with everything!"

"Animal, animal, and more animal, please! Would love this cozy pullover in yummy leopard print to get me through winter!"

"This is the perfect addition to up my ring game!"

Jenny Walton, Fashion Illustrator



Shop her picks:

"I like shopping small so I might be asking for a top or dress from a cool small brand like shop Doen."

"Celine made some great sunglasses so I’ll be eyeing those up."

Jessica Minkoff, Fashion Content Editor at Bergdorf Goodman

Shop her picks:

"The number of Balenciaga knife mules that I have is a running joke around the office, so why not add another pair to the game?"

"I love the old-school logo meets new-school messenger style mix of this Fendi bag. I'll wear it with jeans and a white T-shirt all year round." 

Susan Alexandra, Designer

Shop her picks:

"Because you are supposed to dress for the life you want or something like that. I yearn for these in lavender, but I will accept any hue, really. Imagine with matching tights and a dress or jeans! For a romantic date in Paris or walking my dog through Chinatown. Either works."

"Because I really need more rest, I want to make my bedroom a haven. How delicious would an entire bed of yummy, hand-dyed velvet textiles be to sink into after a long day?"

Rescue Spa Rescue Escape (price upon request) 

"Rescue Spa is the most beautiful and decadent spa in NYC and they do the most exquisite facials, where they sift through each and every pore on your body. I would love this over the top day long treatment from them. Actually, I would just like to live there and get facials and massages every day because I don't believe in moderation."

Octavia Elizabeth, Founder and Designer at Octavia Elizabeth

Shop her picks:

"I travel from L.A. to New York a lot and like all jewelers, I keep all of my personal jewelry pieces in individual plastic little baggies to keep them from getting tangled or scratched. I'm hoping for this case to at least hide those bags in! I have always wanted to have a gorgeous jewelry box for traveling, but truthfully those are not practical and just don't work the way my plastic bags do!"

"I travel from Los Angeles to New York a lot, and I can't bring myself to buy $400 headphones (I would rather buy some gorgeous gemstones!), but I always have wanted these. They're so elevated in the gorgeous brown leather."

"A few things I love about this bag. Its color—forest green. The texture—its grained calfskin so feels really luxe. And the gold-tone hardware—it will go with my jewelry!"

Jaclyn Johnson, CEO and Founder of Create & Cultivate and Author of WorkParty


Jessica Bordner Photography

Shop her picks:

"Not only is coral the color of the year, but this adorable mini is perfect to take on the road, listen to your favorite tunes, and stay up to date on current events!"

"Stylish and super helpful, these are perfect for the boss who is always losing their credit cards."

"For the boss on the go, this is ideal! I love the mini perfect-hair-day kit to throw in your suitcase when you are heading out on a work trip and don't want to have to check your bag!"

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