The 13 Best Things We Bought This Year

When it's your job to shop, you end up, well, shopping a lot. That's certainly the case with all of us at Who What Wear editors, who made quite a lot of purchases between us in 2018. Some of them were admittedly mistakes, but many quickly became items that we don't know how we lived without—which brings us here today.

We thought long and hard, all the way back to January, about every item we acquired this year, narrowing it down to 13 of our favorites. For some of us (on the NYC editorial team, specifically), it was all about outerwear and boots while for others (i.e., the Los Angeles team), it was about everyday accessories and colorful accent pieces. Oh, and you'll see below that many of our favorites are quite trend-driven, with leopard print, croc embossing, and logomania all present and accounted for. The good news is that we plan on wearing even the trendier pieces well into 2019, so if you love our picks, you can shop them too. Just keep on scrolling to do just that.

"I have used this simple black sweatshirt probably more than any other item I bought this year. It's just the perfect shape and length for wearing with all my jeans, and I can even layer it over thinner turtlenecks if needed.

"It might be too early to call it, but I think this puffer is my best winter purchase, maybe ever. It just gets me excited to dress for the cold, which nothing else has really ever been able to do!" — Nicole Eshaghpour

Kat Collings



"I wear these shoes constantly because they are ridiculously comfortable, and the toe shape is unique and forward. They also come in less 'loud' colors. I want to stock up myself!" — Kat Collings

"This Réalisation skirt proved to be the skirt of 2018. From summer to fall, this has been one of the most worn items from my closet.

"Everything By Far designs instantly lands on my wish list, and these boots are absolutely perfect." — Kristen Nichols

"I'm not sure how I never owned a versatile black bag like this before, but I'm so glad I finally made the purchase, because I wear it constantly—and always earn compliments on its quirky shape." — Anna LaPlaca

Lauren Eggertsen



"My favorite fashion item that I bought this year was hands down my Ganni cowboy boots. I remember seeing them during a preview and fell in love. I literally counted down the days until they were available and purchased them right away. I love them so much because while they are definitely showstoppers, they also weirdly go with everything, meaning the cost per wear was really worth it." — Lauren Eggertsen

Allyson Payer



I bought a lot of jeans this year, but Agolde's Pinch jeans were an instant favorite. I was afraid the rise would be uncomfortably high, but it's completely manageable (not that I'd wear them for a flight).

I've also yet to meet a Staud bag that I don't love. Of the several that I own, this patent leather pouch that I purchased this year gets the most use by far. It just feels fun and unexpected, and bonus points for basically being waterproof.

Michelle Scanga



"This is tough, but I'm down to play favorites. Whenever I score something off The RealReal, I feel particularly proud to own and wear it. My go-to categorizes on the resale site are definitely shoes and bags. I found a Prada bag similar to the below, and several logo-print heels this year. The best part is most pieces are under $200. If you're a size 7 and reading this, you'd better not steal all the good shoes before me. JK—love sharing my shopping finds, and here are a few I'm eyeing at the moment." — Michelle Scanga

"I will forever love my Ganni blazer. I can get away with wearing a white tee and jeans to the office because the jacket instantly adds polish. Plus, the fun pink color makes it a whole lot more interesting than a corporate-y black blazer." — Erin Fitzpatrick

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